Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

The government has allocated a sum of money, based on the previous three years’ catch up funding total to help pupils in Year 6 who had not met National Standards in reading and/or mathematics in their Key Stage 2 SATs

At Helsby High School, catch-up funding in 2018-19 was £7,543. In 2017-18 it was £6,660 and £7,476 in 2016-17.

The students eligible for this additional support follow our advance programme which is lead this year by two UPS (Upper Pay Scale) teachers. In all of these lessons there is also a TA with QTS, whose previous experience has included Year 6 SATS booster intervention.


The numeracy is led by the SENDCo. The premise behind the sessions is that they should feed into what the pupils are studying in their timetabled lessons. This gives opportunities for pre-learning and over-learning. the school has also purchased the TT Rockstar programme which helps students to practise their timetables in a fun and interactive way. Baseline assessments are carried out so that progress can be clearly demonstrated.


Literacy is led by an experienced English teacher and LRC (library) Manager. Pupils begin each session with independent reading time and are guided towards texts the school has purchased to support development in reading. These include ‘Quick-Reads’ to boost engagement in reading and highly visual, current non-fiction texts. The IDL programme is used in the computer suite for tailored activities to support literacy development.

Identification of need.

As part of following this programme, students (should they wish to be) are also screened for Visual Stress (whereby a pupil may benefit from using a coloured overlay), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Processing speed. Whilst these results cannot be used for GCSE exams access arrangements, they allow us to establish a helpful normal way of working for students; who can be re-screened post Year 9 with a view to potential access arrangements.

What the pupils say:

“I really love advance because it helps me in my other lessons.”

“I feel better now I know I have dyslexia – I realise that it’s not because I’m stupid that I struggle.”

“I love TT Rockstar – I almost forget I’m doing timetables.”

“I love Mrs XXXX – she helps me to understand things because she works with me on my own.”

“I really love Advance – it helps me with my English and Maths, but it is really fun.”


Jigsaw is our additional transition package which targets students who may feel particularly vulnerable at their time of transition.