Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Advance Programme

The government has allocated a sum of money, based on the previous three years’ catch up funding total to help pupils in Year 6 who had not met National Standards in reading and/or mathematics in their Key Stage 2 SATs.

At Helsby High School, catch-up funding in 2019-20 was £8,460. In 2018-19 it was £7,543, in 2017-18 it was £6,660 and £7,476 in 2016-17.

The students eligible for this additional support follow our advance programme which is lead this year by a qualified teacher who joined Helsby from a position in a Primary School where she oversaw the SATS intervention classes. We were delighted to be able to make such a strong appointment for this role.

We believe strongly that for intervention to be effective at any stage, it must be bespoke and delivered 1:1 or in a small group. To achieve this, these are the steps we have taken:

1) Helsby High gathers the information about individual questions on the SATS papers for those Year 7s who did not meet National Standards.
2) A list is produced of which students struggled to access particular parts of the paper.
3) Sessions are delivered based on each part of the paper. Only those pupils who need that particular teaching are invited to that session. For example, in maths, a pupil may be invited to the intervention on ration and proportion, but not on shape.

We do not want to extend the school day for the pupils participating in this intervention, neither do we want to stop them having a broad and varied curriculum by swapping a curriculum area for Advance. Therefore, the sessions are offered on a “rota” basis. For example, week 1 = Monday, period 1. Week 2 = Monday period 2 etc.

We do not, however take students out of Maths or English to do catch up Maths and English, as this would hinder progress in the areas we are trying to aid it.