Values and Ethos

Our expectations are clarified in the school aims:

Achieving Success   Valuing Others
Encouraging high aspiration and a love of learning Contributing to a safe school environment
Maximising progress and potential Showing tolerance, respect and fairness
Providing rewarding learning experiences Listening to and respecting others’ views
Offering diverse opportunities Appreciating and embracing diversity
Recognising and celebrating all achievement Being an active member of our school and local community
Preparing for independence and future challenges Co-operating with othersegg

Ethos of the School

The school believes that good behaviour forms the basis of high quality education and is essential for effective learning.  High quality learning can only take place in an orderly community.

Uniform enhances a sense of community and students are expected to wear their uniform in the correct manner and to take a pride in their appearance.

All students should feel comfortable and secure in the school environment and should know where to seek help if they have any concerns, either for themselves or for other members of the school community.

It is the role of all members of staff and parents to model and reinforce good behaviour.  All students should be encouraged to recognise and understand the link between good behaviour and effective learning.