Top Scholars

Top Scholars is a group of students who demonstrate a positive and enthusiastic attitude at Helsby High School. It is about recognising and celebrating pupils that take action, work independently and make a difference at school and within the community. As a Top Scholar, you will belong to a subject and make things happen within that subject. You will be an active citizen who does things for yourself and for others.

Depending on your year group you will have to complete a number of achievements in order to receive a certificate of excellence.

hotscholar_year7   hotscholar_year8

hotscholar_year10 hotscholar_year9

Achievements are recorded on a card and are reported using a document called Hot Mail. When writing a Hot Mail, students are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt about themselves as a result of their experiences. Each reflection is posted in a box in the break out space know as a Hot Box.


Well done to each and every pupil selected to represent a subject as a Top Scholar.

Top Performer

Top Performer is a certificate to reward pupils who demonstrate an excellent attitude to learning and progress at school and the community. The certificate rewards pupils for a variety of aspects of school life such as, attendance, behaviour, effort, extra-curricular activities and academic studies.


Each year group will have to complete a different number of achievements.

  • Year 7’s will complete the Bronze Certificate (5 achievements)
  • Year 8’s will complete the Silver Certificate (6 achievements)
  • Year 9’s will complete the Gold Certificate (8 achievements)
  • Year 10’s will complete the Platinum Certificate (9 achievements)

After each achievement pupils must complete a reflection sheet known as Hot Mail and post in the break out space in the Hot Box

This is an opportunity for pupils to be recognised for all the good work they do across school in a variety of different ways.

Year Group Top Scholars