Student Voice

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Student Voice is Helsby High School’s student council, which gives students at HHS the opportunity to feedback their views and opinions on their school community. Student Voice encourages students to have their say about the things 4that matter to them.  It is also a great way for students to develop skills that will benefit them throughout school and into the workplace.

Students can make their Voice heard at Helsby in many ways, and whenever they want.

For example, students can:

  1. Use the SHARP button on the website
  2. Email student voice:
  3. Use The VoiceBox suggestion box in the breakout space

Each of these opportunities are checked regularly by staff and by pupils who make up our Student Voice groups, for KS3 (organised by Miss Louden) and KS4 (by Mr Whitfield). These students meet every fortnight to discuss and share ideas and to try to make a difference to improving our school for the students who learn here.

The Sixth Form also has its own Student Voice team, bringing views from the team of senior prefects, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl (for further details see the Sixth Form section of the website).

Pupils are also consulted within year groups from time to time by year prefects, and by subject departments carrying out learning surveys.

In addition, each half term, over 200 HHS students take part in an online survey as part of Student Voice week.

Look out for Survey Summaries, updates of which will appear on this very page, alongside updates from the KS3 and KS4 groups…

How does it work?

  • A representative from each form volunteers to take part
  • They gather views and ideas from other students in their forms
  • They present these views at the meetings
  • All views and ideas get discussed and the Student Voice group decide what it is they want to work on
  • With the support of their Student Support Co-ordinator, these views are presented to other people (including the Senior Leadership team or the School Governors!)
  • Their views are listened to and taken into account when making decisions about the school community.

Digital Guardians

Digital Guardians are a group of students in Helsby High School who promote how to stay safe online, throughout school and the wider community. Similar to Student Voice, they keep us updated with any issues that arise in school and form a committee to help us shape how we promote and keep our students safe online.

Click here to see what we have been up to!

Contact Student Voice

There are several ways to get in touch with your Student Voice group:

  • Use the Student Voice email:
  • Speak to your form representative about your ideas
  • Post you suggestion in the Voice Box – post your suggestions in the suggestions box outside the staffroom and these will be taken to the next Student Voice meeting
  • Use the Sharp system on the HHS website