Work Experience 2017

Year 10 pupils will be involved in Work Experience from Monday 10th July until Thursday 20th July 2017.  The main aim is to provide an opportunity for students to experience employment and a working environment.

Work Experience is organised by Mploy Solutions who will check Health and Safety requirements and provide the necessary paperwork.  In recent years, students and parents have expressed their willingness to find work placements themselves.  Many high quality placements have been found in this way.  This year we are encouraging parents to consider whether they can help in this process.  If you are in a position to offer a Work Experience placement or organise one through your own contacts then we will be delighted to pass on the details to Mploy Solutions where they will carry out the necessary checks.  Please return the appropriate details to Ms D Bailey in Student Services.

In order for Mploy Solutions to complete all Health and Safety checks on-time, it is essential that forms are returned to Ms D Bailey in Student Services by Friday 16th December 2016.  Please ensure all paperwork is completed fully with the necessary signatures on each form.  Incomplete paperwork will be returned to the student and may further delay the process.  There is no guarantee that paperwork returned after the deadline will be processed by Mploy Solutions.

For placements outside Cheshire and Warrington, it will be necessary to arrange additional Health and Safety checks.  If you wish to explore the possibility of such a placement, then please address this in writing to Mr Shelton at the earliest opportunity.

To access information regarding Work Experience please use the links below. You can also download a Self Placement Form and Health Form if you need them.

If you have any questions regarding Work Experience please see Ms Bailey or Mr Shelton in school.

Work Experience Guidelines


During the 2015/16 academic year the Police were unfortunately not able to offer work experience placements to students from secondary and high schools. Work experience placements are currently being reviewed again for the current academic year.


We are currently unaware of any courses being run by the Armed Forces.

They will not accept Self Placements.


We are currently unaware of any courses being run by the Fire Service.

They will not accept Self Placements.


We are currently unaware of any courses being run by local Hospitals. The Countess of Chester Hospital will NOT be offering any work experience placements this year.

NB: Students are only entitled to one placement for the whole 2 week work experience period. If there are any problems with this please advise Mr Shelton as soon as possible.

Work Experience Evaluation 2017

Please click on the following link to access the work experience evaluation. This needs to be completed individually:

Letters and Forms