Expected Grades

What is an Expected Grade?

For each subject you study you will receive an Expected Grade. These Expected Grades have been calculated by looking at what students with similar KS2 results to you have achieved in their GCSEs across all the different subject areas. This means that you will potentially have different Expected Grades for different subjects. Students at Helsby High School make better progress than students nationally. As a result, your Expected Grade has been set to give you an aspirational yet realistic target to aim for or even exceed.

If you are already on track to achieve your Expected Grade in certain subjects, your teachers will discuss with you and set a Student Agreed Target (STG) that will ensure that you are challenged to realise your full potential. Whilst the STG is an aspirational target, it should be with in your reach.

How do I use my Expected Grade?

The Expected Grades are used to help you discuss your progress with form tutors, teachers and your parents. This will help you to know how well you are doing, where you need to make improvements and what you need to do to reach your expected grade or better.