What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

Occupations in STEM-related careers are some of the fastest growing and best paid of the 21st century, and they often have the greatest potential for job growth. We aim to provide opportunities for our students to understand the real world applications of STEM subjects, experience hands-on STEM activities as well meet industry role models that motivate, enthuse and endorse various career opportunities in Science and industry.

STEM developments and activities at Helsby High School have already been successfully implemented including the training of staff to teach coding and programming with laser cutting and 3D printing training scheduled for the near future.

STEM links with Chester University, Thornton Science Park, Fablab and URENCO continue to be successful in giving pupils hands-on opportunities to experience practical tasks, designing, making and problem solving skills as well as communication and negotiation skills. The Biology Olympiad on-line competitions, Primary STEM workshops, Crest Award, Maths Challenge and BIG maths sessions with local Primary Schools have also made a positive contribution towards the promotion of STEM subjects.