Sixth Form Bursary

Schools have been allocated a sum of money to help young people who face financial hardship to stay in full-time education. The scheme is targeted at the 16-19 age group and is called the Bursary Fund. It replaces the old EMA scheme.

The Bursary Fund could help students with any education-related costs that may arise during the school year, including essentials like a meal during the day or transport to school. Or students might need extra help to buy books, clothing or equipment for their course, or pay for educational visits.

Eligibility is based on the vulnerability and/or household income of the student.

Students in receipt of Free School Meals will be eligible to receive a Bursary award of what was between £425 – £510 for 2020/21.

In the event of funding remaining within the school’s Bursary Fund allocation, awards will be made to students of families in receipt of tax credits with an annual household income of up to £25000.

These payments are spread across the school year, with each amount being calculated according to attendance and progress criteria. To apply, please collect a Bursary Application Form from the Sixth Form Administrators Office.
Should personal circumstances change during the academic year, to enquire if your son/daughter is eligible for Free School Meals or for further information on Free School Meals eligibility please call 0300 1237039 (option 3) – (08:00-17:30 Monday- Thursday) (08:00-17:00 Friday)

Please click on the links below to download the relevant documents:

Bursary Fund Policy

Bursary Fund Application Form

A student’s view

“The school’s bursary fund is a great way to help financially in 6th form. With my bursary I bought many different things such as textbooks and revision guides as well as folders and other stationery to help keep my work organised. By purchasing textbooks I was able to have my own copy to make notes and highlight to use in preparation for my exams rather than just borrowing ones from school which allowed me to carry out independent study at home. The bursary also enabled me to take part in school trips such as the geography trip to Iceland – without the contribution from school, I wouldn’t have been able to take part .The bursary is a beneficial way to fund resources in 6th form without putting pressure on the rest of the family, and enabled me to take part in opportunities provided.”