During term time, orders for uniform can be placed and paid for online using the school’s online payment system. Items can be collected by your child the following working day subject to stock availability from the Finance office.

There will be a price update for school uniform for 2021/22, with any changes taking effect from 30th April 2021. We are pleased to be able to freeze many of the 2021 charges at 2020 prices with only a very small increase on the cost of blazers.

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Additional information

  • No extremely short haircuts, partially or totally shaved heads, extremes of colour, hair extensions or extremes in fashion styles are not acceptable.  A ‘number 3’ haircut is the minimum permitted.
  • Minimal make-up, no nail varnish or false nails (to include acrylic nails) are to be worn.
  • Hair ribbons or bobbles (if worn) should be bottle green, black or white.
  • No jewellery should be worn apart from a watch and a single (pair of) small stud earring(s). No facial piercings (to include nose and lip) are allowed.
  • Dark coloured coat for outside wear only (denim, leather coats or hooded tops are not acceptable).
  • Shoes – black flat heeled (trainers, boots, sandals or fashion shoes are not acceptable).

6th Form

There is no uniform in the Sixth Form but students are asked to come to school in neat, tidy and appropriate dress.  Totally shaved heads or other extremes of fashion are best avoided.