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9‘Achieving success, valuing others’ 

Pupils and parents are requested to sign a home school agreement which clarifies the high standards we expect from all our pupils.  The school believes strongly that young people perform at their best when rules on behaviour and respect are applied consistently.  The close involvement of parents, pupils and school is vital for this to be successfully achieved

Helsby High School agrees to:

  • provide a framework of teaching, learning and guidance appropriate to the age and ability of each individual young person
  • provide a safe and secure environment
  • set and mark classwork and home study tasks in line with school and subject policies
  • keep parents informed about the progress of their child
  • contact parents if there are problems/concerns with attendance/punctuality, behaviour or equipment
  • provide a range of extra curricular activities
  • make every effort to enable all students to achieve high standards of work and behaviour by building positive relationships and developing a sense of  individual responsibility
  • teach students the principles of personal safety, in particular, e-safety and support them in the appropriate use of social sites
  • value all students as individual members of the school community

Signature of school representative: M Hill

The responsibilities of the parent/carer are to:

  • ensure that my son/daughter attends school regularly and on time and to contact the school with an explanation on the first day of any absence
  • avoid taking holidays in term-time
  • ensure that my son/daughter is equipped for work each day
  • support the school’s policies and guidelines, including those on behaviour, uniform and home study
  • make the school aware of any problems/concerns that might affect my son’s/daughter’s work or behaviour
  • attend Parental Consultation Evenings and other information evenings
  • check my son’s/daughter’s use of social networking sites and seek advice if and when appropriate
  • to support the school in ensuring that my child behaves in an appropriate manner on the way to and from school

Signature of parent/carer          …………………………………….

The responsibilities of the young person are to:

  • attend school regularly and on time
  • bring the correct books and equipment needed for each lesson
  • wear correct uniform at all times on school premises
  • observe the classroom code and behave with courtesy and respect in corridors, public spaces and the school field
  • try to build positive relationships with all members of the school community and take responsibility for my own actions
  • respect school property and equipment
  • tell an adult about any issues that might affect my work or behaviour
  • observe the codes of good practice  when using all forms of electronic communication and report any misuse immediately to a member of staff
  • behave in an appropriate manner on the way to and from school

Signature of young person       ……………………………………….