SkiClub@Stoke 2018

Three full evening ski sessions have taken place this winter on the dry ski slope at Stoke Ski Centre this year. Students from Years 7,8,9 and 11 have learnt skiing skills including slalom gates and freestyle.

Watch out for possible further opportunities in the summer term…!

Year 11 PPE Results Afternoon

As part of our process of preparing our Year 11 students for the summer examinations, we held a very successful PPE results afternoon on Thursday 14 March. Students received envelopes with their PPE results in the Break Out Space and then took part on a workshop to reflect on the grades received. A large number of students achieved excellent results, showing that preparation for the exams pays off.

A number of staff delivered sessions that covered growth mindset, revision techniques, managing stress and planning for the exams. The afternoon was overwhelmingly positive in nature and all students gained useful advice that will allow them to face the exams successfully.

Resources provided for students can be found here.

Mr J Cooney
Assistant Headteacher

Bronze LORIC Award

Well done to our most recent group of Year 7 students who have complete the Bronze LORIC Award. Headteacher Mr Hill was delighted to be able to celebrate their excellent achievement and present them with their certificates.

At Helsby High School we want to do everything we can to support our students learning and personal growth. It is for this reason that we have launched LORIC with our year 7 students. LORIC is designed to help students to develop the skills desired by employers and that are necessary for future success.

PiXL Edge helps students to develop the LORIC attributes:
• Leadership
• Organisation
• Resilience
• Initiative
• Communication
Levels of challenge

PiXL Edge has three levels of challenge, Apprentice, Graduate and Masters. It is designed so that students start on the Apprentice level in year 7 with most completing this by the end of year 8. In years 9 and 10 students will then work towards the Graduate level. Some students will go even further and in years 11 to 13 complete the Masters level.

Click the link for further information on LORIC.

Mr Callaghan

A Hugely Successful Careers Convention

On Wednesday 20th March the Helsby High School Careers Convention took place, with over 65 exhibitors explaining their career areas to our students in different parts of the school. The evening was very successful, with many school students and their families coming to speak to the exhibitors and staff at the event.

This year we had such a large number of exhibitors it was possible for many students to investigate a number of career areas and not just one. Students had the opportunity to discuss career options with professionals representing a range of sectors, from banking and finance to medicine, marketing, law, creative media, engineering, journalism, hospitality and catering, animal care, agricultural, computing, architecture, the police and the armed forces.

Exhibitors were impressed by the level of engagement shown by students and the fact that so many had clearly thought carefully about the options open to them, asking interesting and insightful questions. The vast majority of students who attended on the night really felt that they gained valuable information from the exhibitors, along with some of the free promotional pens and key rings being given away!

One year 12 student said “the event has helped me to get a better idea of the different courses that are available at university. It has motivated me to work hard during my exams to get the grades I need to make the next step”
On behalf of Helsby High School I would like to thank all of the exhibitors who gave up their own time to come and speak with our students and also thank all of the students who attended and represented the school in such an excellent manner.

Mr A Shelton
Department Leader Work Related Learning

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Bronze Award Presentation

Forty Year 11 students from Helsby High School recently achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. A number of these students attended a Presentation Evening at Bishop’s Bluecoat School in Chester where they received their certificates and badges.

Year 11 student Jaiden who was one of the participants writes about his experience and what he gained from completing the award.

I really enjoyed completing my DofeE Bronze Award and achieved a lot from it. I did football with my football team, Frodsham JFC as my physical activity, where I improved my fitness and playing technique. As my volunteering I helped out with the 4th Frodsham Beavers and this helped me to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. As my skill I went to a local Indian restaurant and had a few cooking lessons, I then proceeded to cook at home for family and friends. On the expedition I enjoyed putting the skills we had learnt, such as map reading into practice in a real life situation. I also enjoyed experiencing the entirety of the expedition with my friends and developing my relationships further as we had to work very well as a team. I would recommend this experience to other people as it gave me self-confidence and a number of different life skills along with having fun!