Helsby High celebrates Harry Potter Book Night!

in School News | By Andy Morfett,

On Thursday 7th February Helsby High’s Library joined in with international celebrations of Harry Potter Book Night. Over 25 students bought tickets for the event, raising money for JK Rowling’s charity ‘Lumos’, which supports children in less fortunate situations around the world.

The evening began with students sorting themselves into houses, followed by house chants, riddles to solve, a treasure hunt, care of magical creatures, pin the scar on Harry, a Tri-Wizard tournament and a quiz.

Students’ costumes showed their commitment to their houses with a fantastic display of wizarding wear. A very creative Dark Lord also made a spooky appearance, along with Newt Scamander and some magical creatures.

All houses won prizes, with Ravenclaw demonstrating their wit and wisdom to win the coveted House Cup.

It was a great evening of magic for all involved!

DFE School Performance Tables

The DFE School Performance Tables were released on Thursday 24 January 2019, confirming the results from the 2018 summer examinations. Staff and Governors of Helsby High School are very proud of the Class of 2018 who achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.24, meaning on average, across every subject, each student achieved approximately a quarter of a grade better than expected.

This is an outstanding achievement and is testament to the positive relationship that is evident in the wider Helsby High School community. The link between home and school is crucial and at Helsby High School we are privileged to have supportive families and dedicated staff who are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure our students make the best progress possible.

Mr M Hill

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Student Voice Update – January 2019

Student Voice continued through the first term of this academic year, with Student Pastoral Panels taking place for each year group in school. Form reps attended, along with Year Leaders and the Student Support Co-ordinator, and they brought along items for discussion as raised by their fellow students. As a result, each meeting had a different perspective – sometimes Year 11 issues are different from year 7 and so on.

Outcomes are shared with students, and with staff, and with parents and the wider community via this website. We promise to listen to and consider all that students tell us, and where possible to implement changes for the better.

Last term matter raised by students included: support with exam revision, queuing and the menu in the canteen, arrangements for Sports Day, provision of seating areas and bins, and issues around homework.

Students also provided feedback on school initiatives from last term, including Anti Bullying Week, school charities, and LGBTQ issues.

Next steps:

In the Spring Term we will be using a different approach to getting our Student Voice, by carrying out online surveys, which will be sent out to all students. This allows for specific questions to be asked, covering a range of areas, and provides a much larger statistical sample of views across the whole student population. A summary of those results will appear here in due course.

Also, building on our Student Governor Panel meetings from last year, this will continue, but in a new format, where a group of students and school governors will work together to find ways to give greater prominence to the role governors play in the life of the school, and to consider further ideas for collaboration in the future.

Year 9 Options Evening Postponed

Given the road conditions in the area, and the fact that no immediate thaw is forecast, we are going to postpone tonight’s Year 9 Options Evening. This has been rescheduled to Wednesday 13th February. If you have any questions please ring 01928 723551 or email year9admin@helsbyhigh.org.uk

The Options Information Booklet for the evening is attached here, with further information about the new handing in date for the Options Form to be issued in due course.

A Level class of 2018 Awards Evening

We were delighted to welcome students and families from our A-level class of 2018 to our Awards Evening. Students were recognised for their outstanding efforts and achievements and received their A-level certificates. The teaching staff who had worked so hard to support the students during their time at Helsby enjoyed catching up with the students and hearing how their first term at university or in their apprenticeship placements had gone. We wish all of the students well for their futures and will follow their progress with interest.

Cheshire Youth Crime Commission

Well done to the Year 13 Sociology students who took part in a workshop on Thursday 24th January with Ali Roberts who works for the ‘Cheshire Youth Commission on Police and Crime’ . Ali works with young people in the area on behalf of the Police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, David Keane, to gather the views from young people in the area on the role of the police. Students used their knowledge from the crime and deviance topic and personal views to discuss some of the issues facing the police today and how relationships between the police and young people can be improved.

Thank you to Ali for leading the workshop and to the students for their excellent contributions.

Mrs S Ingman