A Hugely Successful Careers Convention

On Wednesday 20th March the Helsby High School Careers Convention took place, with over 65 exhibitors explaining their career areas to our students in different parts of the school. The evening was very successful, with many school students and their families coming to speak to the exhibitors and staff at the event.

This year we had such a large number of exhibitors it was possible for many students to investigate a number of career areas and not just one. Students had the opportunity to discuss career options with professionals representing a range of sectors, from banking and finance to medicine, marketing, law, creative media, engineering, journalism, hospitality and catering, animal care, agricultural, computing, architecture, the police and the armed forces.

Exhibitors were impressed by the level of engagement shown by students and the fact that so many had clearly thought carefully about the options open to them, asking interesting and insightful questions. The vast majority of students who attended on the night really felt that they gained valuable information from the exhibitors, along with some of the free promotional pens and key rings being given away!

One year 12 student said “the event has helped me to get a better idea of the different courses that are available at university. It has motivated me to work hard during my exams to get the grades I need to make the next step”
On behalf of Helsby High School I would like to thank all of the exhibitors who gave up their own time to come and speak with our students and also thank all of the students who attended and represented the school in such an excellent manner.

Mr A Shelton
Department Leader Work Related Learning

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Bronze Award Presentation

Forty Year 11 students from Helsby High School recently achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. A number of these students attended a Presentation Evening at Bishop’s Bluecoat School in Chester where they received their certificates and badges.

Year 11 student Jaiden who was one of the participants writes about his experience and what he gained from completing the award.

I really enjoyed completing my DofeE Bronze Award and achieved a lot from it. I did football with my football team, Frodsham JFC as my physical activity, where I improved my fitness and playing technique. As my volunteering I helped out with the 4th Frodsham Beavers and this helped me to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. As my skill I went to a local Indian restaurant and had a few cooking lessons, I then proceeded to cook at home for family and friends. On the expedition I enjoyed putting the skills we had learnt, such as map reading into practice in a real life situation. I also enjoyed experiencing the entirety of the expedition with my friends and developing my relationships further as we had to work very well as a team. I would recommend this experience to other people as it gave me self-confidence and a number of different life skills along with having fun!

Science Hero Mr Shipley Cycles for STEM

Cycling for Science

Thank you to our cycling hero, Science teacher Mr Shipley. Before half term he arranged a competition to see how far he could cycle during one lunchtime. Students and staff guessed the distance and cheered him on in the break out space.

The final time was 22.72Km in 40 minutes. Student 1st prize goes to Evie Putnam 11GTH and 2nd prize goes to Felix Mosson 13SRA. Staff 1st prize goes to Mrs R Walker.

Mr Shipley raised £270 for STEM projects which will fund the GO4SET Year 9 Engineering project. Go4SET is a 10 week project where students have to come up with a practical solution to a problem. Past projects have been “energy consumption in your school” and “design an eco-hotel”. The team will be working with an engineer from a local company.

Year 12 Students visit World Leading Manufacturer JCB

Named after the founder Joseph Cyril Bamford. They are Market Leaders, Innovators, Family Business, Kanban experts, Investors in Education for Engineers and Business Students!

This week, students in Helsby High School Year 12 Business and Engineering visited the JCB manufacturing plant in Uttoxeter. The story of JCB is one of innovation, ambition and sheer hard work and these are the exact attributes that will help A Level Business and Engineering students achieve and succeed in their chosen fields!

During the visit students learnt about the advantages to business of still being a Private Limited Company, the innovations and developments over the year, and the changes in corporate strategy. They toured the factory and saw first hand the personalised flow production used by JCB and the lean production methods that help them to maintain their leadership position.

Well done to all students that took part in the educational tour and witnessed the manufacturing of a business that has over 50% market share in a world-wide market! Such is JCB’s competitive advantage that they have even managed to persuade President Trump to use JCB in his military instead of USA rival Caterpillar!!

Model UN Visit

Helsby Model UN trip to LSE YouthMUN

From the 8th-10th of February, myself and 3 other students from Helsby Sixth Form’s Model United Nations Club travelled to the London School of Economics to take part in YouthMUN, a 3-day Model United Nations conference, to discuss ways to combat Neo-colonialism in Africa and promote growth on the continent.

For the past few decades’ African nations have been exploited by global superpowers through a form of new colonialism, or as it was coined by Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah, Neo-colonialism. Countries like China, France, Japan, the UK and the USA have bought up large areas of land, engaged in high cost predatory loans and have capitalized on the wealth of natural resources that are abundant on the continent – all at the expense of the poorer African nations.

It’s easy to forget that over the dissonant racket of domestic policy and Brexit negotiations, there are global issues like Neo-colonialism that need global solutions through global governance. This is where the United Nations steps in, specifically in the case of Neo-colonialism, the Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (SPECPOL) which is the UN’s Fourth Committee.

Model UN simulates meetings of UN conferences; delegates represent countries who sit on these committees and advocate their national position. The four of us attended the SPECPOL conference with Rebecca K representing Qatar, Tom G representing Spain, Joseph M representing Sweden and myself representing Jordan.  

For three days we engaged in heated debate alongside other students, discussing how to prevent and manage the plethora of issues in Africa, such as mineral exploitation and corruption; whilst still allowing African nations to receive the aid and investment that is pivotal for development. The issue of maintaining national sovereignty was of paramount importance, so as delegates we had to tactfully negotiate changes in domestic policy in African nations without infringing upon their right of free governance.

This was our first Model UN conference outside of school, so at first it was challenging especially when were we debating alongside some of the top schools in the country (we were the only state school attending!). But through our dedicated preparation resulting in binders full of research and data, we were able to excel in the competitive environment and effectively promote constructive ideas of reform on the continent.

Model UN has been incredibly helpful in improving our public speaking as well as our ability to put forward coherent academic arguments, which will no doubt help us in our future studies. There has been unanimous consensus that MUN will be something we will continue to do at university level and that YouthMUN has given us more than adequate preparation for future conferences. The knowledge we have gained on the issue of Neo-colonialism has been invaluable in improving our understanding of global politics.  

A special thanks must be given to the Sixth Form History and Politics department, especially Mrs M Marvin our MUN coordinator for the trip, for providing us with the necessary support and guidance. Although the club is student run, the department has been very helpful in  accommodating the club’s needs. 

As Year 13 students, we are in our last year of study – this is why we would urge younger students from years 10, 11 and 12 to consider taking up Model UN as an extra-curricular activity. Model UN is such a wide ranging, facilitating activity that strengthens skills such as: public speaking, debate, teamwork and negotiation.

If you are a year 10, 11 or 12 student at Helsby and interested in Model UN please speak to Mrs Marvin for details.

Alfie P

Head of Helsby Model UN Club