Industrial Action – Wednesday 30 November 2011

Dear Parents/Carers


As you are probably aware, we have been informed by the NUT, NASUWT, ATL, NAHT and Unison unions that their members will be taking industrial action in the form of a strike on Wednesday 30 November 2011.

This action is not against Helsby High School itself but is part of national industrial action organised by these trade unions about changes to the pension schemes of their members.

Neither the Governing Body nor the Headteacher is legally allowed to close the school “in sympathy” with the strike.  However, we have to act in line with the advice provided to the school and assess the health and safety risks of remaining open as usual.

This assessment has been carried out by the school and a decision has been made to close the school for all pupils and students (although it will remain open for staff not taking industrial action).

This decision has been carefully considered and we very much regret the disruption to the education of our students and the inconvenience caused to parents and carers.  We have done all we can to come to a decision as soon as possible to allow families to make alternative arrangements.

We must all hope that the issues over which the industrial action has arisen are resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continuing help and support.

Yours sincerely

J Dowler

B Ratcliffe (Mrs)
Chair of Governors

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Poppy Appeal 2011

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

Poppy Appeal 2011Once again it is the time of year when we take a moment to think about a defining moment in history, and present our respect and support for the British Army, past and present, in the form of a humble poppy pinned to our shirts.

The Royal British Legion works tirelessly every year to raise funds for war veterans and currently serving armed forces who risk their lives for the safety of the country and the world, it’s hard to believe that something as simple as purchasing one of the poppies can make a difference – but it does. With the money raised so far the charity has managed to achieve so much, such as making the lives of wounded soldiers a lot more comfortable when they return home. Often men and women return from places like Afghanistan and Iraq having lost limbs or are suffering from mental illness, it is a massive change to their lives and the money can help to adapt their home environment, pay for medical bills and give hope to these brave people.

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Year 10 BTEC Construction Visit to Liverpool One

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

Year 10 BTEC Construction Visit to Liverpool OneAs part of their coursework tasks, the Year 10 BTEC Construction students went on a visit to Liverpool city centre on Wednesday 9th November.  Students have been studying the social and economical implications of the development of Liverpool One in lessons and this visit was to see the impact it has had on the city of Liverpool.

Students saw the range of leisure facilities on offer in Liverpool One, from the shops, gym, hotels and restaurants.  In lessons we had discussed what was demolished to create the Liverpool One area and how this had now become the main location to visit in the city centre.  We also wanted to investigate the types of shops in the ‘old’ part of town and Church Street, compared to the shops within Liverpool One.

Students got to view the city from the top of the St John’s Beacon, better known as the Radio City Tower.  After an express lift ride to the top students had a panoramic view of Liverpool, the Wirral and Lancashire.  Many of the boys were trying to spot Frodsham, but the sky was too hazy to see that far.

We bumped into one of the presenters from Radio City whilst at the top of the tower and he gave us an interesting story about being stuck in the lifts a few years back……whilst we were in the lift going back down!

Year 10 BTEC Construction Visit to Liverpool OneOn the way back to the bus the boys got their chance to see the Winter Wonderland being built on Chavasse Park.  Many Christmas stalls were in the process of being set up and constructed, ready for the Christmas lights switch-on that evening.

All in all the boys had a great day out in Liverpool and were extremely grateful for the day.

Mr J Cooney

Work Related Learning Co-ordinator



Year 8 E-Safety Competition

E-Safety WinnerIn October 2011 a competition was launched with Year 8.  The task was to design a poster for school which offered E-Safety Advice including Internet Safety Rules

The winner was Jasmine Hulse 8REV, her entry has now been put onto the desktop of all school accounts so when students log on they now see her poster in fully colour.

The runner ups were Rebecca McKennall and Jade Worrall 8PTA, Ross Frewin and Aled Cropley 8NWI, Lauren Miller and Leah Stockton 8MDA and Oliver Marx 8PTA.  The runner ups will have their poster printed in colour and on A3 paper, these will be displayed around school.

In Year 8 Assembly on Tuesday 18th October the winner and the runner ups also received a gift voucher prize from the Deputy Head, Mr Capstick.

There were over one hundred entries.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered there are obviously a lot of very creative students in Year 8!

Ms Simmonds

Head of Year 8

Link: Click here to see all the winning posters (Opens in Microsoft PowerPoint).

Year 8’s Second round of English Schools Cup

Year 8’s football team were beaming and ready to take on second round Holy Family in the English Schools Cup. The team knew it was going to be difficult from here on in.

The boys began the game at 100mph; was this going to set the tone for the rest of the game. YES IT WAS!

Johnny Cooper sent a sensational ball from the right corner flag over the keepers head only to meet James Stamp on the head and into the back of the net. The team celebrated with James however know the job wasn’t done.

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