U17 Development Program announced

Details of the new Under 17 Development Program – titled New Horizons – have been released. The full details on the Men’s program is announced today with details of the Women’s program to follow.

The aim of the New Horizons program is to provide a good quality player and coach development program for nationally identified U17 players and prospective national team coaches. The program encourages higher performance and is clearly focused on improving longer term international competitiveness as well as preparing players for their next step into senior basketball.

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Year 9 Enterprise Challenge

Enterprise Challenge (Feb 2012)On Tuesday 21 February 2012, a group of eight Year 9 pupils accompanied by Mr Hargreaves attended an Enterprise day held by UPM Manufacturing. The purpose of the trip was to broaden the knowledge students have about manufacturing and engineering and help them to develop skills they may need in a working environment. The team from Helsby competed against other school teams from the area to gain a place in the National Final.

The day started off with an introduction into what manufacturing is and the different types of manufacturing. The teams were then given booklets and had to assign each member a role. The Managing Director oversaw the project, which was to design transport products for a company that transported heavy cargo. This involved the teams making prototype transport vehicles, producing marketing ideas, and taking part in challenges like mazes. The task helped pupils to develop enterprise skills such as teamwork, communication, and organization.

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Drama for Holocaust Memorial Day

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

Holocaust Memorial Day

On Friday 27th January Helsby’s 6ixth Form Drama Committee performed a piece called ‘No Excuses’ for the Holocaust Memorial Day at Chester Cathedral. The piece was based on the theme: ‘speak up, speak out’.

The group were a part of the evening which saw work performed from 6 other schools in the Cheshire area.

The piece was an adaptation of the poem ‘Minority’ by street poet Toby Worsfold.

The performance uses a technique called ‘The Chair Duet’ created by the acclaimed physical theatre company ‘Frantic Assembly’. This technique is used to show physically the chaos theorem of one mans hatred towards another in relation to that man’s expanding society.

As a society we label our minorities so that they feel exactly that: a minority. With this label comes the feeling of difference and separation from the occurrences of the world ‘they don’t belong to my group, so I don’t need to care/do/speak up for them’.

In actuality it is all our responsibilities to care and act and ‘Speak Up’ for all our fellow men regardless of the title they or we have been given.

The piece realises the difficulties that people face in going against this social conditioning and recognises how hard it is for society to feel the pain of someone from a distant country, race, social class etc… but to quote from our piece we should all ‘endeavour to sever these ties, that bind us and blind us to such transparent lies, that keep us from growing together beyond, this place we are now, will you also respond? Speak up, speak out, be brave’.

A-Level Theatre Studies trip to Stratford-on-Avon

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

Stratford TripOn the 9th Feb, 18 Helsby High School students travelled to Stratford-on-Avon, the birth place of Shakespeare to see a production of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and to work with the actors in a practical workshop.

The A-Level students who are studying the play as part of the course were impressed by the way the RSC were able to contemporise this apparent misogynistic play, and make it relevant to a young audience.

Helsby students were given the opportunity to work on a section of the text with the RSC actors and were also able to ask the assistant director questions about staging this difficult play.

Students asked questions such as: how long does it take to put on a production like this? And how have you tried to make the character of Bianca more relevant to a modern audience?

The questions were answered intelligently and students found that the experience broadened there understanding of their set text.

5 students from year 11 who are set on taking A-Level Theatre Studies next year were also invited to join the sixth form on this trip and found the experience highly beneficial.

Year 8 Student Voice Cake Sale

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

Year 8 Student Voice Cake SaleThe Year 8 Student Voice ran a cake sale on Thursday 9th February to raise money for the school charity Afritwin. Many Year 8 students were involved by baking cakes to sell, helping to sell cakes on the day and of course by buying cakes to eat!

The cake sale was extremely busy throughout lunchtime with queues of hungry students waiting outside B2. It was a tremendous success and smashed the previous cake sale record of £110 by raising a fantastic £170. A huge thank you to everyone who supported the event.






Cook Club

Cook ClubIn cook club we have made a range of savoury and sweet foods. We enjoy attending cook club because it is fun and you get to cook with your friends.

You cook loads of different foods that you wouldn’t get to cook in lesson time. Some of the things we have enjoyed making are Viennese mince pies, cookies, easy roast chicken, lasagne and vegetable spring rolls.

As members of cook club we helped make refreshments for the Young Chef Competition. We made brownies, ginger shortbread, lemon drizzle cake, scones and flapjacks. We helped serve the cakes to teachers, parents and Rotarians who had come to watch. They went pretty quickly!

We really enjoyed making and serving the cakes because it was an experience that we really won’t forget. Also it improved our cooking skill and gave us inspiration from the competitors.

Louise Henderson 8NWI

Italy Report

Italy 2011In late October, 40 art students from all over Cheshire were chosen to attend a visit to Tuscany, Italy. The trip was an invaluable experience in which we developed our artistic skill as well as trying new techniques. Another objective involved establishing an appreciation of Renaissance Art and how it has progressed.

Such a task can only be truly undertaken through a first hand experience. The first piece of work we saw was in Siena Town Hall, a Maesta by Simone Martini and it literally gave us goose-bumps as we walked into the cavernous hall it was situated in.

It is one thing viewing art in a book and another thing being in its presence and having the atmosphere around you. It was a once in a life-time opportunity but sadly six days did not do the trip justice, we could all have spent another ten days drawing, painting and photographing.

Beatrix Calow, Nicola Todhunter, Reid Gardner, Jenny Karling and Tim Fentem