Year 7 Revision Event April 2017

On Friday 21st April and Saturday 22nd April we ran revision events for parents and Year 7 students. Mrs Parr, Mr Eaton, Ms Simmonds and Mrs Tobin delivered the sessions and we welcomed 100 families for the workshops.

Aspects of revision which were covered included:

  • Techniques on how to learn spellings
  • Look, cover, write, check
  • Mind mapping
  • Bullet pointing
  • Visual organizer
  • Labelling
  • Flashcards

Feedback from families included:

“Thank you for this session, I feel better equipped to be able to support my child with revision at home.”

“We are leaving today with lots of ideas and all enthusiastic about what revision can be done in preparation for the KS3 exam fortnight.”

“Thank you for all the great techniques and getting to practice some of them with my child at school was really helpful.”

Year 9 Rhine and Moselle Trip 2017

In April 2017 40 year 9 students travelled to the Rhine and Moselle region of Germany. We stayed in the pretty German town of Boppard, situated on the upper bank of the Rhine river. During our stay we visited the the picturesque cities of Koblenz and Cologne. On the first day of our trip we visited Cologne cathedral, and sampled lots of delicious goodies in the chocolate museum. On the second day we drove to Koblenz, where we took a cable car ride across the Rhine, and saw the famous ‘Deutsches Eck’ headland, where the Rhine river meets the river Mosel. We then took a leisurely river boat ride down the Rhine back to Boppard. Our final adventure saw us travelling to Phantasialand theme park, where we had thrill-packed day of rollercoasters and rides. We all had a fantastic time practising our German in an authentic setting, and discovering the rich and wonderful German culture.

SkiClub@Rossendale 30/03/17


Very Successful Careers Convention

On Thursday 23rd March the Helsby High School Careers Convention took place, with over 60 exhibitors explaining their career areas to our students in different parts of the school. The evening was very successful, with many upper school students and their families coming to speak to the exhibitors and staff at the event.

This year we had such a large number of exhibitors it was possible for many students to investigate a number of career areas and not just one. From accountants and lawyers to apprenticeship providers and universities most career areas were represented in some format.

Many of the exhibitors commented on how well the students presented themselves when asking questions about their career areas. They were also very complimentary on how motivated the students were to find out more information. The vast majority of students who attended on the night really felt that they gained valuable information from the exhibitors, along with some of the free promotional pens and key rings being given away!

One Exhibitor said “thank you for inviting us, it was incredibly worthwhile. The students were a credit to your school.” Another commented that they had been “very impressed by the school, the convention organisation and with the pupils”.
One year 11 student said “the event has helped me to get a better idea of the different courses that are available at University. It has motivated me to work hard during my exams to get the grades I need to make the next step”
On behalf of Helsby High School I would like to thank all of the exhibitors who gave up their own time to come and speak with our students and also thank all of the students who attended and represented the school in such an excellent manner.

Mr A Shelton
Department Leader Work Related Learning

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