Uniform Shop

The School Uniform Shop will be closed throughout the Summer Holidays and will re-open as follows:

  • Monday 4th September 2017    9.30 am – 3.00pm
  • Tuesday 5th September 2017    10.00am – 12.00 mid-day

Orders for uniform placed on line after school closes on 21st July 2017 can be collected either by you or your child on either of the above dates or by your child from the Finance Office on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

During term time the shop will be open:

  • Monday 1.15pm – 2.00pm

During term time, orders for uniform can be placed and paid for on-line using the school’s on-line payment system. Items can be collected by your child the following working day from the Finance Office.

EES and Go4SET 2017

Y12 EES Team

This year four of our Year 12 students have worked on a six month engineering project working with Inovyn. This is a real life problem where our students compete against other schools in the North West area. The project began in October with a launch day at Liverpool University where the four students met the engineer they would be working with, carried out some team building tasks and found out about project management. The project they worked on was to remove iron sulphate from the sulphuric acid plant and therefore improve the purity of the product. Three days were spent back at Liverpool University in January gathering data by modelling a filtration process. Throughout the six months the students met on a weekly basis with their engineer working on a variety of tasks. The project culminated with a Celebration and Assessment day in April at Liverpool University were they presented their findings to a panel of engineers through a verbal presentation, a written report and a display board.


Go4SET is a 12 week engineering project working with United Utilities competing against other schools in Cheshire. The project began in March with a launch day at Daresbury Labs where the 6 students met the engineer they would be working with, carried out some team building tasks and found out about project management. They were given a choice of projects and selected Stations for the Future. The project was to consider a local train station and find ways to bring it into the 21st century. The team chose Frodsham station and met on a weekly basis with their engineer to work on ideas to improve the site. They built a scale model of the station and wrote a technical report on their findings and recommendations. They presented this in June to a panel of engineers back at Daresbury Labs.

Sports Day 2017 Results

Year 9

Girls Boys Total
1 LST 45 95 140
2 GTH 74 52 126
3 VLE 40 83 123
4 KLI 33 86 119
5 NLL 73 38 111
6 LGO 49 55 104
7 GTI 38 38 76
8 LCR 46 4 50


Year 8

Girls Boys Total
1 EDA 61 80 141
2 SPI 75 61 136
3 KWR 51 83 134
4 PFL 74 59 133
5 HPA 71 56 127
6 MDA 45 52 97
7 SGI 31 62 93
8 AFU 38 54 92


Year 7

  Girls Boys Total
1 HRO 49 87 136
2 EDO 67 66 133
3 CWH 69 60 129
4 RCL 60 55 115
5 KFO 80 30 110
6 AJA 55 51 106
7 RCN 50 48 98
8 SJA 47 47 94


Cancellation of Arriva bus service 21

The school has been made aware that Arriva have cancelled the bus service 21 with effect from July 22nd 2017. This service currently operates between Runcorn and Chester and we are aware that it is used by some of our students. Students will be able to use the Stagecoach X2 service between Runcorn and Chester, details of which can be found on their website at https://tiscon-maps-stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws.com/Timetables/Merseyside/Chester/X2%20Chester%20Runcorn%20June%2017.pdf

Year 7 Cultural Diversity Activity Days 2017

On Tuesday 18th July and Wednesday 19th July 2017 all of Year 7 took part in two Cultural Diversity Days in school. This involved students not having their usual timetabled lessons and instead they had a variety of activities based upon different culture from across the world. A team of teachers, led by Mr Callaghan, organised creative and thought provoking sessions based around their own subject areas. Year 7 attended these sessions as a form class.

Feedback from Year 7 students:

Japanese Shadow Puppets:
“We built puppets from scratch and had to work as a group to tell a story. It was so much fun and when the lights were out we really had to think about every movement.”

Irish Dancing:
“This was so much fun! The Irish music was really loud and we all had such a good laugh doing this. By the end we were all doing the same dance at the same time. It was really nice to see the Dinner Ladies dancing too.”

Poetry Slam:
“We had to think creatively to write a poem, some of us worked together to do this. We then went outside to sit in the sunshine in the school garden. We were given the choice of performing using a microphone which was really exciting.”

Fun Fireworks:
“We learnt about the history of chemicals and what they had been used for in the past. We also learnt that when burning different ones these produced different colours which meant different things to different cultures.”

Year 8 Rewards Assembly

On Tuesday 11th July, Y8 celebrated the achievements of the past year with our rewards assembly. Led by our Key Stage Leader Mr Howe with awards presented by Mr Dowler, it was wonderful to see pupils accepting rewards for effort, behaviour, sporting achievements and attendance and recognising those who go above and beyond. It has been a very successful year for the whole year group with involvement in so many extra-curricular activities and other events in the school community. Congratulations to all of our award winners!

Year 7 Awards Assembly – July 2017

Year 7 have concluded their first year with their final assembly of the year. They received awards for team effort, sporting achievement, most merits, 100% attendance and the star of stars. Some of which are featured in the photographs below.

After a fantastic year of achievement and endeavour from all the students in the year, it was a pleasure to recognise their hard work, commitment and contribution to school life.

Mr Eaton
Year 7 leader

Year 6 Induction Days 2017

As two current Year 13’s who have just finished our time in Helsby Sixth Form, we were invited back by Ms Simmonds to assist in the running of the Year 6 Induction Days, by taking photos throughout the day and offering our help in a few of the activities on offer. We noticed several differences in the way that the sessions were carried out, all of which were improvements from when we started secondary school!

To begin with, the new students had the chance to meet their Form Tutor and fellow students, giving them the opportunity to build relationships before September. From getting the chance to view this transition we noticed it was clearly more interactive and engaging for students than when we started secondary school. Team building tasks such as tug of war took place to encourage healthy competition and get children involved. A treasure hunt which required the Year 6’s to find their way around the school, just as we did during our transition, because it has been proven to work in becoming familiar with the site from end to end, or at least exploring the different departments.

Also, problem solving activities within the classroom really helped promote teamwork in form groups, such as building a bridge across a 50cm gap between two tables out of only spaghetti, or trying to spell the word HELSBY out of people! In between lesson time the Year 6’s had numerous talks from the PCSO’s, Rob our Youth Worker, Mr Dowler Headteacher and the Year Leader Mr Hogg. These really seemed invaluable because they gave the Year 6’s a warm welcome to Helsby High School.

On the Year 6’s second day at High School they were introduced to a structured timetable including lessons like: History, IT, PE and English, but to make the transition feel slightly less daunting shorter periods were introduced to ease the Year 6’s in gently. They also had the opportunity to buy food from the Dining Room with a Smart Card supplied by the school so that the Year 6’s got a sense of responsibility in buying their own food and an idea of how it is run throughout the day.

Overall, we believe that the transition is more fluid, and it is more useful having it split over two days because the students get an extended feel for the differences between high school and primary school. Year 7 E-Buddies also helped out on both days, allowing the new intake to ask questions about their experiences and what to expect in September. It was lovely to see the current Year 7’s involved in the school community, being good role models and representatives of Helsby High.

We hope the Year 6’s enjoyed their experience as much as we enjoyed welcoming them to the school!

Jonathan J. and Jenny F. (Year 13)


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