Happenings at Ho Ho Helsby

On Saturday 2nd December, and after months of careful planning, Helsby village came alive as the festive celebrations of the Ho Helsby event took over for the day.
There were a range of activities taking place all over the village, and the students and staff of Helsby High School played their part too.
In the weeks leading up to the big day, students from Years 7, 8 and 9 had the opportunity to design their own contribution to a piece of colourful festive bunting, which in total measured over 200m! Sections of this were used on the day to decorate parts of the activity areas.
Students were also involved on the day as stallholders at Helsby Methodist Church, selling variety of wares (including extremely yummy cakes) as budding entrepreneurs, and also with a stall of gifts to raise money for the purchase of a 3-D printer for school.
HHS students were also present providing musical accompaniment, both on the static stage on the main road and also on the early evening decorated float procession through the village. The Senior School Band, Choir and Folk Band were all represented at various times, as well as students performing with their own band, Off The Grid.
“I had a great day… I was an elf for a while in Santa’s Grotto, and I bought some decorations from the stalls and then later I went and sang in the choir”
All in all, a great day was had, and thanks to everyone who took part.

Year 12 Business students visit Heat Trace a local business with global success!

Heat Trace is a very local business but a global leader in their industry and today Year 12 Business students were fortunate to discover just how they have become such an international success.

The students were keen to hear about the strategies that have been implemented for such rapid global growth and this was followed by an overview of their very impressive investment in people which highlighted the award winning apprenticeship programs that Heat Trace offer.

Thank you to Heat Trace for such a fantastically rewarding visit!

Nuffield Research Placements – Y12 students

Nuffield Research placements offer year 12 students the chance to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians on a research project for four weeks during the summer holiday.  Students learn new skills, get hands-on experience of a professional research environment in a University or Company and gain a valuable insight into STEM careers.

The student will be mentored through a research project, producing a scientific report at the end.  In addition they will produce a poster for display at the Celebration Event in the Autumn.

All students will be reimbursed for their travel providing receipts are uploaded to the online system.  In addition some students may be eligible for a bursary of £80 per week dependent upon family income.

If you are in year 12 and are interested in this opportunity then please see Mr Wise, Department Leader for Science to discuss this further as there are only a limited number of applications allowed for every school.

Year 10 Business Students visit Manchester United

On Thursday 30th November 75 of our Business students enjoyed a visit to Manchester United Football Club.   They were given a tour of the grounds, and information on how much it costs to maintain them and how the club is trying to use more sustainable energy and resources.

After a quick look in the dressing room and the VIP lounge, they had a marketing presentation, finding out the revenue streams for the club and the challenge they face trying to sustain their £215m annual wage bill.  They investigated the target markets and discussed how sponsoring Manchester United helps businesses promote their products in emerging markets in Asia.

Back at school, students will be using this information to design their own marketing campaign for a new piece of footballing merchandise.

Minibus – Good to Go

Last week 16 staff at the school undertook and successfully completed their Minibus Training refresher course. This is great news as it means we can continue to offer a range of off-site provision covering visits, fieldtrips, sporting events, community activities and much more.

Kamila Wins HHS Celebration Event for Kingsley CP!

Kamila wins Helsby High Celebration Event for Kingsley CP!

There were over 100 entries to our Open Evening Competition ‘In the Library at Midnight’ from our Year 5 and 6 pupils in local primary schools.

The entries were of an exceptional quality but Kamila’s really stood out for the way she wove an atmospheric story together so skilfully.

To celebrate Kamila’s writing our Year 13 Theatre Studies students turned her story into a performance for her class. Year 6 then had fun participating in some of the lunch time activities we offer in our Learning Resource Centre. They were an impeccably behaved class and wowed us with their creative ideas.

Kamila’s Review of her Celebration Event:
Year 6 from Kingsley CP were invited to Helsby High School Library to celebrate the story that won their ‘In the Library at Midnight’ competition. We were all very excited.

When we got into the room, the lights went dark. Even though I knew the words, it still created an intense atmosphere. There was a ‘ding dong’ twelve times. The 6th Form started to read my work in an almost whisper. They got out of their hiding places and started acting out a well-practised script. Everyone was quiet as if they were scared. Seeing the 6th form’s serious faces showed me that they had practised this act to perfection. I knew what they were going to say, but their expressions and their tones of voices almost made me believe what they were saying. They really inspired me to continue writing stories.

After the lights returned, we had choices of activities including: Guess Who, Connect 4, Lego, quizzes, books, magazines and many more. Over all, I would give the whole trip a 10/10. We’re all looking forward to joining in more library activities when we start at High School next year!

Well done to all the primary school pupils who entered our competition, we’re looking forward to reading more of your amazing writing next year!

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Aesthetica Short Film Festival York Trip Review

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

On the morning of Friday, 10th of November, 44 tired but excited students (Year 10-13) and three even more excited teachers boarded a coach at a very early hour in the morning, to set off to York for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. The festival showed a broad spectrum of all the up and coming short films, showcasing talent from around the world, bringing everyone together through cinema. The festival also offered masterclasses, helping the visitors an insight into how the world of film works.

At the beginning of the day, the majority of Helsby High school students began with the ‘Opening Night Repeat Screening’ consisting with the best of the best, the crème de la crème of what was on offer, and boy, they did not disappoint! The first film was a French film called ‘For Real, Tho’ which was brilliantly meta and so self-aware that it made the audience question the reality and validity of film generally. I personally had a small existential crisis sat in the darkened room, as the ‘director’ sat and counted seconds, just to tell us she had wasted everybody’s time, and we were all closer to dying than when she had started.

Another of the best was a German film called ‘Backstory’ which had a brilliant voice over, narrating the life of a man, as we were shown it through his eyes, or more accurately at the back of his head. It showed the ups and downs of life, until finally, we saw an old man, and his face. It then zoomed back through the narrative, and showed the emotions of the man, showing (quite appropriately) his ‘best bits’ with the emotion on screen rather than just narration.

The majority stayed in the fantastic York Theatre Royal (one of the twelve pop-up theatres available, which were dotted around York for the festival) for the ‘Thriller’ screening, which proved especially useful for Year Elevens and Thirteens who are in the process of planning and filming our own horror/thriller trailers as part of our coursework. Our final viewing was an Irish black comedy thriller hybrid called ‘Gridlock’ which followed the narrative of a father who was stuck in traffic down a small countryside road. We realise his daughter has gone missing from the car, when he checks to see what is holding them up. We then are taken on an investigation with passers by, using brilliant handheld medium shots, putting us in the role of detective with the characters, trying to find the kid and her kidnapper.

We then were silently(ish) ushered out by Ms McGuirk, and led to our masterclass at York St. John University, where we had an interactive talk with two important people from Triforce Creative Network. The talk was ‘Inclusivity Not Exclusivity: Breaking Down Barriers’ and tackled some important issues about diversity within the industry. They then spoke about their work to help diverse groups in, and discussed gateways to getting into the film and TV industry.

After the masterclass and a spot of lunch (McDonalds – other fast food chains are available!) we made our way down to get dramatic with Drama at the National Centre for Early Music which was described by ASFF as ‘A Kaleidoscope of Emotion’. Our final sit down tackled some pretty major subjects, such as: sexuality and identity in ‘Calamity’; alcoholism in ‘The Entertainer’; feminism in ‘Zarpazo’ conflict in ‘Die Überstellung’ and morality in ‘Firecracker’.

Although the sixth-formers were allowed to stray from the teachers and choose their own route around the small city, most of us stuck with them, because of the attraction to the brilliant films, and because we couldn’t really decide where to go otherwise! However, as we made our way back to the coach, some of us strayed from the large Helsby pack to stock up on snacks, resulting in some very involuntary running to make the coach in time!

On the whole I would say a very successful and edutainment-full day. Thank you to the teachers (Ms McGuirk, Mr Mellor and Mr Kenney) for putting up with us J

Maisie N. – Year 13

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

Students took part in a range of activities throughout the week and the theme was ‘All Different, All Equal’.

On Friday 10th November we held a non-uniform day. Students and staff had to wear something blue to support the cause and raise awareness for Anti-Bullying week. We raised a wonderful £1200 in donations, which will go to the charity Bullying UK.

Year 11 Student Leaders produced a video clip, which is hosted on our You Tube channel, which sees students from all year groups contributing.  This video clip was played in assemblies and in form time.

Students from all form classes held class discussions on four main questions:

  1. What is bullying?
  2. Who can you go to for help?
  3. Why is it important to stop bullying?
  4. Is there anything we could do at Helsby High School to help prevent it?

Each form class was then given the opportunity to contribute to our Anti-Bullying board.  The next step is for this information to be collated and shared with our Student Leaders and Pastoral Leaders.  A set of action points will then be created.

At Helsby High School we take any reporting of alleged bullying very seriously. As a school community we do not tolerate any form of bullying.  Each and every member of the school community has a part to play in this by either reporting or helping to resolve any alleged bullying.  All students are expected to treat fellow students with respect and consideration by following the school’s Code of Conduct. We strive to offer that if a student is experiencing bullying or has witnessed bullying, they are able to voice their concerns without fear or prejudice.

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