KS3 Assessment Fortnight

During this fortnight, students will complete in class assessments in each of their subjects. These assessments will not be formal exams but rather shorter assessments designed to identify each student’s strengths and also any gaps in their knowledge so that targeted support can be put in place.

To support students in their preparation for these assessments, we have a created timetable for when they will take place, as well as a short leaflet outlining what subject specific content will be assessed, including where students can access resources for their revision.

In the event that a student is unable to attend school during this week due to self-isolation or illness, teachers will provide the assessment via Microsoft Teams with an expectation that it would be completed and returned at the time of the student’s lesson, as much as practicably

Subject areas will then complete a report for each student, which we expect to publish in the week of Monday 14th December. The report will include a Current Grade for each subject, which is the result of the teacher’s holistic professional judgment based on all work and assessments completed so far this year.

The report will also provide an indication of students’ progress
towards their individual end of year target, as well as subject specific comments to aid students’ learning and progress in each subject area.

At the start of the year we wrote to you to explain our rationale for maintaining the academic grouping arrangements in Mathematics, Science and Modern Foreign Language from the previous year as students returned to school.

It is important that all students are given the opportunity to address any gaps in knowledge or regression in progress that may have occurred as a result of the national school closures before any change to their ability set is made.

Therefore, we will only make set changes in these subject areas if the outcomes of these assessments provide clear evidence that a student would benefit from a change to their academic grouping.

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