Key Stage 2-3 Transition

Ms C Simmonds: Key Stage Leader for Year 7 & Year 6 Transition

Mr C Eaton: Year 7 Leader (Year 7 September 2016)

Miss M Louden: Key Stage 3 Student Support Coordinator

Mrs T Stickels: Year 6 & 7 Secretary

Year 6&7 Email Address is:

School Phone Number is: 01928 723551 (please ask for Mrs Stickels)

The transition from primary to secondary education is a very exciting time, but can be a bit challenging for some students. At Helsby High School we try to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. We have an excellent working relationship with all the primary schools in the area and an outstanding transition programme.  We work hard to ensure that we start the process of getting to know your sons and daughters before they join us in September and our transition programme continues well into Year 7.  Below is a list of events that are taking place in 2016:

Year 6 Events (Spring and Summer Term 2016):

  • E-Buddies visit the Primary School
  • Year 6 Students meet with Ms Simmonds at the Primary School
  • Year 6 Teacher meets with Ms Simmonds and Mrs Okell (SENDCO)
  • Induction Evenings for Parents and Students are on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th July 2016 5.30pm till 7.30pm.
  • Induction Day (PSHCE Themed) Thursday 7th July 2016 8.40am till 3.05pm
  • Induction Day (Timetabled Lessons) Friday 8th July 2006 8.40am till 3.05pm

Please see presentation below from 2016:

Transition Pack 1 to Parents & Carers – March

Please click below to access documents

Admission Form

Parent Transition Letter

Ebuddy Scheme Letter

Year 6 Newsletter written by Year 7

School Transport Letter

Uniform List

Uniform New Intake Letter

Uniform Order Form

 Transition Pack 2 to Parents & Carers – June

Please click below to access documents

Letter to Parents from Mr Dowler (Orange)-2016

Letter to Parents from Mr Dowler (Yellow) -2016

Letter to Parents Ms Simmonds & Mr Eaton – 2016

Academic Setting Letter 2016

E Safety Letter 2016

Home School Agreement April- 2016

Locker Information 2016

Musical Activities 2016

Setting letter 2016


 Transition Pack 3 to Parents & Carers – July

Please click below to access documents

Letter to Parents from Mr Dowler

Parents Booklet

Attendance Information

Code of Conduct

Catering Services & Healthy Eating Guide

Recommended Year 7 Reading

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Uniform List

 Year 7 Events (2016-2017):

Once the students have started in Year 7, our induction process continues with the following events:

  • Pastoral Information Evening with Form Tutors in October 2016.
  • Progress Report available electronically every Half Term.
  • Parents Evening in Spring Term 2017.



General Advice for Parents & Carers:

There are many differences between primary and secondary school, and it is a good idea to find out as much information about the normal school day before they start, such as:

  • When does the school day begin and end?
  • If they are getting the bus to and from school, where does it pick them up?
  • How can I contact the school?
  • Who should I contact if I have any concerns or questions?
  • Where should they go on their first day?
  • Make sure your child is prepared before they start in September, including:
  • Make sure they have the correct uniform?
  • Have they got all their equipment (pens, pencils, glue, scissors, ruler, calculator)?
  • Have they got their PE kit?
  • Have you made arrangements for lunch (school dinners/ packed lunch)?


Advice for Students

You are not alone in worrying about starting a new school. All of your friends and the other students will be worried about the same things as you. For example, you might be worried about the following:

  • Homework
  • Bullying
  • Friendships
  • The size of the school

Our Year 7 E-Buddies will be visiting your Primary School soon. You can ask them lots of questions; they were in the same situation as you this time last year! If, once you have started, these worries are still with you, please speak to your Form Tutor, Year Leader or Key Stage Leader.



You will get homework as soon as you start in Year 7. You will be given a student planner to write your homework in as well as the date it is due in. If you are ever unsure as to what you should be doing for homework, the obvious person to ask is your subject teacher. Don’t be scared. They would rather you asked for help than struggled to complete it. If you really are having problems doing the work, get your parents to write a note in your planner to show to your teacher. Think about forming a small homework club with your friends, and doing it together.



When you were at primary school the teachers encouraged you to let them know if you were unhappy with the way you were being treated by another student. It is the same at Helsby High School, we DO NOT TOLERATE BULLYING. Always speak to your Form Tutor or a teacher you feel you can talk to. If you can’t speak to anyone at school, speak to your parents. They can always let us know.



When you move to Helsby High School you will find that you may be in a different Tutor Group to the friends you had at primary school. Some students when they start are scared that they will find it hard to make friends. Don’t worry. Your Form Tutor will encourage you to make friends through activities that you will do in Tutor Time. In no time at all, you will find that as well as having your friends from primary school, you have also made a lot of new friends. Try to smile at everyone you meet. This is a good way to meet new people as they will think you are the sort of person that they would like to hang around with. We have lots of different clubs at Helsby High School. Make sure you join at least one; it’s a great way to widen your circle of friends.


The Size of the School

Helsby High School is going to be a lot bigger than your Primary School. In order to help you get around, you will have a tour on your Induction Days in July and another tour on your first day of school. You will also be provided with a map of the school in your planner. If you get lost, ask an adult or a student where to go. They will take you to where you should be.