Enterprise Education

Mission Statement

Helsby High School is committed to developing students with entrepreneurial and intrapreneural skills via an extensive enterprise education entitlement.  We strive to foster a ‘can do’ attitude in our students, promoting innovation and creativity. Students are encouraged to take part in activities that prepare them for the World of Work, and give them an understanding of Business and the Economy. Flexible employability skills are developed, encouraging students to be responsible citizens, employees and employers, and to improve their financial capability skills in personal and business finance.


Enterprise Education takes many forms in Helsby High School. There are numerous extracurricular opportunities for students to be innovative, creative, risk takers. In addition, during PSHCE lessons and whole year group activities we ensure that all students receive enterprise education covering the following topics:

  • Careers Guidance
  • Work related learning
  • Personal Finance (money matters)
  • Business Finance
  • Problem Solving
  • Team working
  • Presentation skills

Inspirational speakers, local entrepreneurs and industry specialists are regularly invited into school. They run activities, workshops and deliver presentations in order to motivate and build students’ aspirations, and enrich their learning. Examples include:

  • STEM Breakfast meeting
  • Biannual careers convention
  • Assemblies
  • PSHCE lessons
  • Y12 Going Further Days
  • Activities Days

The quality and extent of our business links are excellent and we are continuously exploring new opportunities and developing new partnerships to keep pace with the changing world of work. We aim to inspire each student to formulate and pursue their own goals for the future. Many of our former students return to Helsby High School to share with students their career and life experiences.

Student Leadership

There are many student leadership opportunities within school and the local community. They enable students to:

Develop their leadership skills and become more confident and resilient.
Fully participate in the life of the school.
Have a committed attitude to becoming a good citizen.

Examples include:

  • Sports leaders
  • Form representatives
  • Year 11 prefects
  • Head students
  • Marshes Windfarm community benefit panel members
  • Castle Park Arts l Student Associate Trustee
  • Frodsham Youth Club Student Assistant Treasurer
  • Helsby GP Patient Participation group members
  • Leadership opportunities in 6th form

Enterprise Clubs and Competitions

Many of our curriculum subjects will include enterprise linked projects, but in addition student at Helsby High School have numerous enterprise opportunities in each school year. Many students are involved in our monthly Minimarket, which is run in association with Frodsham Youth Club the first Saturday in every month.

Mini market poster

Other Clubs include:

  • Tycoon in School
  • Manufacturing Institute ‘Make It’ Challenge
  • Go4SET
  • Shell Bright Ideas Challenge
  • Bank of England Target 2.0 Competition
  • London Institute of Banking and Finance Student Investor Challenge

Classroom and Industry

Helsby High School has a strong links with local and national businesses, and subject teachers endeavour to use visits or speakers to enrich teaching and learning.

The Business and Economics department provides options at KS4 and KS5 that specifically focus on elements of Enterprise Education, Business Studies, Financial Capability and Economic understanding.