Maths (2)Key Stage 3

Our KS3 classes are set according to ability over 4 sets as soon as they join us in Year 7.  We cover a range of topics spanning Algebra, Number, Shape & Space and Data Handling. The scheme of work is divided up into modules of work each lasting approximately three weeks. Each class has regular tests throughout the year to assess the pupils’ progress and understanding of the topics.

Years 7 and 8 complete the KS3 course in two years and in Year 9 GCSE Mathematics is started

There are many different resources available to support pupils who need help with their revision:

Ask your Maths teacher for the school login and password.

Skills and Knowledge Checklist

Key Stage 4

Our KS4 classes are set according to ability over 5 sets and study a Linear GCSE in Maths through Edexcel. The summer 2013 results were a credit to both the students and staff involved with 81% of our pupils gaining grades A* to C.

More information about the qualification can be found from the Edexcel website.

Past papers and other course documents can be found at:

Maths (1)Key Stage 5

AS Maths and Further Maths and A Level Maths and Further Maths can be taken at Helsby High School. The courses followed are the MEI Maths courses examined through the OCR examination board.

We currently have three A level Maths classes and one A Level Further Maths class running in each year group.  In Year 12 Maths AS Level consists of three modules; two core modules (C1 and C2) and one Statistics module (S1).  AS Further Maths in Year 12 consists of four modules; D1, M1, FP1 and M2. Three of these modules, one of which has to be FP1 comprise AS Further Maths.  In Year 13 A Level Maths consists of two more core modules (C3 and C4) and one extra applied module.  A Level Further Mathematicians take FP2, DE and M3.

Course requirements:

In order to be able to take AS Maths we would expect students to obtain at least grade B at GCSE Maths.

Extra information about the course can be obtained from:

Past papers and other course documents can be found at the resources in the Useful Links section below.

Useful Links

Enrichment Opportunities

Year 11 Revision Timetable 2017

UKMT Challenges take place on three occasions per year. During November there is the Senior Team challenge at Manchester University. Also during November the Senior Team individual challenges are taken.

During February there will be the Intermediate Individual Challenge. This will be taken by pupils from Years 9, 10 and 11.

During April there will be the Junior Individual challenge. This will be taken by pupils from Years 7 and 8.

There will also be an opportunity in March for an Intermediate team from Years 8 and 9 to take part in the team challenge at Manchester University.

Department Team

Acting Department Leader:

  • Mr A Fuller

Departmental Staff:

  • Mrs L Wasson (Deputy Department Leader)
  • Mrs N Ramage (Assistant Department Leader Year 7)
  • Mrs D Bellis (Assistant Department Leader Year 8)
  • Mrs K Vandermark
  • Miss H Rogers
  • Miss L Akrigg
  • Mr L Rowland
  • Miss P Flood
  • Ms L Whitley
  • Mrs S Parr (Deputy Head)


Junior Mathematical Challenge (April 2015)

Year 7

Gold Certificates       Gabriel W (Best in Year) and Chloe S

Silver Certificates      Eva L, Ben S, Thomas C,

Molly W, Eleanor R, Lydia C

Matthew S and William H

Bronze Certificates   Chris H, Archie F, Emily C

Stewart S, Dean W,

Jessica M, Dylan G and

Bobby C

Year 8

Gold Certificates       Brooke N (Best in Year) and Alfred B

Silver Certificates      Patrick N

Bronze Certificates   Malakai M, Joseph T, Ryan S

Orla M, Callum K, Saffron S

Issac R, Oliver S, Hannah K

Tèa P, Joshua M and Joe M

Intermediate Mathematical Challenge (February 2015)

Year 9

Gold Certificates       Emily D (Best in Year), Oliver V

and Wes O

Silver Certificates      John N

Year 10

Gold Certificates       Sam P (Best in Year), Luke K

and Nick M

Silver Certificates      Edward W, Eleanor H, Matthew H and Georgia A,

Bronze Certificates   Amelia P, Dominic M,

Emily H

Senoir Mathematical Challenge (November 2015)

Year 12

Silver Certificates      Aled C, Archie W and

Francessca S.

Bronze Certificates   George H and Daisy P.


Gold Certificates       Laura S

Silver Certificates      Jack T and Ellen C