Health and Social Care

Key Stage 4

BTEC First Award Edexcel Health and Social Care – Level 1/2 (Pearson)

The BTEC Level 2 First Award in Health and Social Care is a two year course and has been selected because it gives and interesting and engaging introduction to Health, Social and Early Years Care.  It gives our learners the opportunity to find out more about working with people who use health and social care services. There is a core unit and three additional specialist units. The range of topics studied gives our students a broad understanding and knowledge of the health and social care sector.  Students can develop personal skills and techniques that are needed for working life.

Topics studied are:

Human Lifespan and Development (Core unit/Exam)

This unit provides students with the opportunity to explore how people grow and develop throughout their lives. It examines factors such as lifestyle choices, relationships and life events that affect growth and development.

Health and Social Care Values (internally assessed)

This unit explores good practice in health and social care and how health and social care services support individuals. The care values apply to all areas of health and social care and are important for people working in the sector. The care values may be applied to daily life or to a wide range of careers.

Effective Communication in Health and Social Care (internally assessed)

Students will investigate the different forms of communication and how they are used effectively in health and social care settings. Students will find out about other non-verbal aspects of communication such as body language, pace of speech and eye contact. Alternative forms of communication are researched such as British Sign Language, Makaton and Braille.

The impact of Nutrition on Health and Wellbeing (internally assessed)

In this unit, students explore the meaning of a balanced diet and its effects on the body.  It will look at the impact of a poor diet on health and the illnesses associated with poor eating habits. The knowledge and understanding gained will help students support individuals to make the right choices in improving health and wellbeing.

Students can go on to study Health and Social Care at Key Stage 5 leading to careers in nursing, midwifery, primary school teaching, early years education, paramedic training, occupational therapy – in fact a host of opportunities in health, social care and early years services.

Key Stage 5

OCR Health and Social Care.  Applied A level (Single Award)

This is a vocational course which provides a broad understanding of the health, social care and early years services. The single award is made up of 3 units. There are elements of Sociology, Psychology and Biology within the course.  Students will apply their knowledge in a realistic and practical way, including case studies, small research projects, a health promotion campaign and one week work experience in a care setting.  Students use their experience to develop their communication skills and gather information for their coursework units.  By following this course, students will gain knowledge and experience of:

  • A range of job roles and opportunities in health, social care and early years servicesPresentations 2016 003 - Copy Health and Social Care 2016 003
  • Communication Skills
  • Health Promotion
  • Research methods in health and social care
  • The impact of discrimination on vulnerable people
  • Anatomy and physiology (functions of body systems, dysfunctions, diagnosis and treatments)


This course can lead to progression into higher education courses such as:

BSc in Health and Social Care

BA in Education (Primary)

BA in Sociology or Psychology

Degrees in Nursing/Midwifery/Social Care/Occupational Therapy

Some students have used their A levels to go straight into employment and training in Elderly Care, Paramedic Training, RNIB and Early Years Care.

What do the students say:

“Health and Social Care is an interesting and enjoyable subject which has helped me prepare for my nursing course at University”

“The work experience, working with young people really helped me with my UCAS application for Primary School Teaching”

“I’d never considered working with elderly people before, but just loved my work experience at the day care centre.  I think I might look at this line of work in future.”

Exam Boards:

Key Stage 4: BTEC First Award Edexcel Health and Social Care – Level 1/2 (Pearson)

Key Stage 5: KS5 GCE (applied) Health and Social Care – OCR Single H103, 503,


Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

  • Key Stage 4 Health and Social Care – links with local health and social care and early year’s settings. Older People’s Christmas Party.
  • Key Stage 5 Health and Social Care – work experience visits to Health and Social Care or Early Years Care Settings, guest speakers from professional  “Health, Social Care or Early Years” care settings.


Department Team:

Subject Leader

  • Mrs K M Wroblewski

Departmental Team :

  • Mrs S Gilbert
  • Mrs C Cross