Information for Parents

KS3 levelled work and GCSE exemplars

This booklet holds exemplar controlled assessment examples from the strengthened English Literature Specification from the WJEC.

Strengthened GCSE English Literature Specification controlled assessment sam

Termly Overview

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Parental Voice

Parental Voice on Curriculum Areas English

Marking Guidelines

Extended pieces will receive a WWW, EBI and you must then complete a MNS.

The following codes will be used:

  • SP-Spelling error
  • NP //-New Paragraph
  • P-Punctuation error
  • G-Grammar error

Your work will be given an effort grade A-D

Your work will also receive a mark out of 6 for spelling, punctuation & grammar as follows:

1-2=Simple control-basic and frequent errors in grammar, punctuation & spelling make work unclear

3-Some controlWriting is fairly clear & structured, will contain some more complex spelling & punctuation errors

4-Good control-writing is mainly clear & fluent with few spelling/punctuation errors

5-6-Sophisticated controlWriting is very clear & fluent with only occasional errors in more complex words or use of punctuation & grammar

  • It is expected that corrected errors will not be incorrect again in the next piece of work.