Art and Design

Lower 6th - Land

Lower 6th – Land

Within Art and Design, pupils will explore a range of techniques/skills, processes and concepts in order to develop their creative awareness and visual understanding of the subject. This aims to extend their manipulative skills and equip them with a clearer and greater understanding of Critical and Conceptual Studies, expanding their vocabulary and language through Art and Design.

Art and Design has the capabilities of stimulating pupil’s creativity and imagination, offering experiences of the visual tactile and sensory, through this developing their enquiry and intellect. The aim is to enable the student to use colour, form, shape, line, texture, pattern, composition linked with different materials, processes and ideas to communicate what they see, feel and think.

Art & Design empowers pupils to make informed, valued judgements as well as aesthetic and practical decisions whilst becoming actively involved with shaping their environment. They will explore ideas, meanings and expression within the world of artists, craftspeople and designers. Learning about the diverse roles and functions of the subject in both contemporary life and in different times and cultures.

GCSE 2011 Sample

GCSE 2011 Sample

Through the exploration of our curriculum pupils will be well prepared for the G.C.S.E. and A level courses, within which they will establish a greater understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts. They will gain the power to not only enrich their own personal life but that of others.

Exam Boards

  • GCSE Art & Design– AQA
  • GCSE Photography– AQA
  • AS/A2 Fine Art – Edexcel
  • AS/A2 Photography – Edexcel


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Department Staff

Head of Department:

  • Mr D N Wilson


  • Mrs S Ray
  • Miss G Tier
  • Miss N Garside
  • Mrs J Mallinson
  • Miss H Adams

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