Vocational Learning

What is Vocational Learning?

The main aim of Vocational Learning is to learn by completing practical tasks that will be relevant to the world of work.  Students can select qualifications from a range of subjects available.  Vocational Learning subjects are practical and skills based qualifications that are highly regarded by employers, as they are developed to ensure students have the correct skills for the world of work.

Who is Vocational Learning for?

Some students will be guided towards the Vocational Learning Pathway via interviews with senior members of staff, during the options process.  Students who have shown a desire to learn in a practical way have the option of choosing one of the Vocational Learning subjects.

What subjects are offered for Vocational Learning?

Students will be able to choose two qualifications from a number of subjects available.  The qualifications offered are tailored to the needs of each year group and could include ICT, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Construction and the Built Environment and Physical Education.

For more information on these courses please use the links below:


Construction and the Built Environment



Physical Education

It may be possible for students to choose only one Vocational Learning qualification, and then choose a Language or Humanities subject as well. This will depend on numbers/timetabling.


Who should I speak to about Vocational Learning?

Mr Shelton – Department Leader Work Related Learning