International School Award

Helsby High School has been awarded the International School Award by the British Council.

What is Connecting Classrooms?

Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme, which facilitates school partnerships across continents.
The aim of Connecting Classrooms is to provide young people with:

  • greater understanding of other countries and cultures
  • deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities as global citizens
  • skills to work in a global economy and build a fairer, more sustainable world

We have been working for several years with partner schools in Cape Town, through our Afritwin link with students working on a range of joint curriculum projects.

Through the British Council Connecting Classroom Programme, Helsby High, together with Helsby Hillside Primary School, have formed strong links with schools in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Here at the High School, we have been working for several years with Hector Peterson High School in Wallacene Township and The Settlers High School in Belleville, Cape Town. Our partnership has now grown, to include John Tallach High School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The Partnership Quilt

Students in all schools have worked together to create an amazing wall-hanging, in order to celebrate the partnership and friendships we have formed.

Students in partner countries have used elements of their physical surroundings and cultures to create and share art work, helping us to appreciate our differences and similarities.

This project started three years ago and has gradually grown into the fantastic item you can see here. The quilt is moved between partner schools, where it is displayed to illustrate the richness of our partnership and create a talking point! The quilt has just been taken to Bulawayo to be displayed in John Tallach High School.

Here are some pictures of the Partnership Quilt, and some of the students who have contributed to it- in the UK and in Zimbabwe.

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‘Culture In a Box’ Project

This recent project has encouraged students to explore the similarities and differences between the cultures of schools in our Partnership.

Students in each country have worked together, to identify and choose items that they believe represent their country, local community and culture. These items were put in shoe boxes, along with short messages to explain why they were chosen.  Boxes have now been exchanged, allowing students to gain an insight into each other’s lives and communities.

These pictures show some students at The Settlers High School getting their boxes ready to go to Zimbabwe and the UK:

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