At Helsby High School we take any reporting of alleged bullying very seriously. As a school community we do not tolerate any form of bullying and we would like the school to be a ‘bully-free’ zone.  Each and every member of the school community has a part to play in this by either reporting or helping to resolve any alleged bullying.  All students are expected to treat fellow students with respect and consideration by following the school’s Code of Conduct. We strive that, if a student is experiencing bullying or has witnessed bullying, they are able to voice their concerns without fear or prejudice.

the-sharp-systemHelsby High School uses The Sharp System, an online confidential and anonymous reporting system. Sharp stands for: School Help Advice Reporting Page system. We are working alongside Cheshire Police and our local PCSO’s John Kopczyk and Neil Flanagan with this system not only in school, but also in the local community. Students can report any issue that is causing them a problem in or out of school and the local community can use the system to report on any worrying incidents that may have taken place out of school involving students from Helsby High School.  Any report that is made is checked by the school and will be dealt with by either the Key Stage or Year Leaders in school and the PCSO’s outside of school. Helsby High School is confident that this system, along with the traditional method of reporting face to face will be of extra benefit to our students and the local community.

What is bullying?

(This information has come from the NSPCC website)

Bullying is hurtful behaviour, usually repeated over a long period of time. It can happen at and outside of school, such as on the way to school or in clubs and groups.

Types of bullying include:

verbal abuse, such as name calling and gossiping
non-verbal abuse, such as hand signs or text messages
emotional abuse, such as threatening or intimidating someone
exclusion, such as ignoring or isolating someone
undermining, by constantly criticising or spreading rumours
racial or sexual bullying
physical assaults, such as hitting and pushing
online through social networking, or using mobile phones, also known as cyber bullying.

What can you do if you think you are being bullied?

Speak to:

any teacher or member of staff
the Student Helpdesk Team in the Break-Out Space
your Form Tutor
any Year Leader ( Year Leaders – Mr Hogg, Mr Eaton, Mrs Jones, Mrs Turner, Miss Wilkes )
any Key Stage Leader (Key Stage Leaders – Ms Simmonds, Mr Howe, Mr Cooney)
Or logon and use The Sharp System to confidentially report it

What will happen once you speak to someone in school?

You will be listened to
The school will work together to stop this happening again
Further sources of advice:

Click on the Sharp System logo on the school intranet or website