Award Winning Careers Programme at Helsby High School

Dean Lockley | |

Every student at our school receives good quality careers information, advice and guidance. Students receive their information in a variety of ways over their lives at our school. This is delivered not only through our subject curriculums, PSHCE and pastoral time but also through the 1:1 meetings with our independent careers advisors, through our dedicated breakfast meetings, off timetable days with our linked employers, and by completing important work experience programmes.

The work in careers education at our school has been recognised and we are proud to named as the Cheshire and Warrington ‘School of the Year’ at the annual Pledge Careers Awards. The Pledge is an organisation which bridges the gap between schools and employers. We are delighted to receive this award which demonstrates our school’s commitment to informing our students about future pathways and raising career aspirations.

Trevor Langston, who is the Pledge Lead for The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge, spoke warmly about the careers team at our school:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mrs Dougherty and her colleagues at Helsby High School over the last three years. We are all about putting employers at the heart of inspiring the next generation in Cheshire and Warrington. Helsby have embraced that philosophy and have been proactive in taking opportunities and building the capacity to then lead themselves.”

We are very pleased to be recognised for our work in this area and even more pleased that our students are receiving the careers education they need.