Students writing to be published from ‘Twisted Tales’ competition

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Congratulations to all our students who will have their creative writing published by Young Writers! A fantastic and thoroughly deserved achievement!

Students Isobel H, Sophie C, Sophie B, Sydney M, Sophie W, Olivia T-P, Darcy D, Evie M and Gemma S all had entries organised by Miss Harrison and the English department sent to the ‘Twisted Tales’ writing competition to great acclaim.

Selected students work :

I’ll be back. I still haven’t forgotten how it all felt. The flames licking against my skin, the sinful scorch marks left across me. Ropes restricting me, hugging my lungs like an old friend. They called it a suitable punishment, an eye for an eye, a villain for a hero. I remember the cheering as the executioner lifted the blazing torch. Revenge is complicated, they are just as human as I am and yet my death is justified in their eyes. If that was how I was going to go out, then so be it. I made sure to come back ten times harder.

Gemma S (Year 12)


The putrid stench of withered souls hung in the air.  Candles lit the hallway with the dim blue glow of night.  A young woman stared at ancient bones that were perched on an iron throne, its head tilted, staring at her.  In black cloth with golden thread, it spoke in a shivering whisper.  Her response fell from sugary sweet lips.  Her golden eyes glimmered with tears that rolled from her soft skin.  But her words left a bitter taste.  For she was no girl, but a monstrous killer, feared by death itself.

Darcey D (Year 10)


It’s hard you know. When I, an eternal entity, signed up for the role of Death, I thought it would be easy. Just turn up, reap some souls and be on your way. But no. They don’t remove your emotion, they just let you deal with it on your own. I’m not afraid to admit, so many times I have wished I could reap my own soul, take my own life. No-one mentions having to take a granddaughter’s life whilst their grandma watches. Having to listen to a child calling, concerned, for the dog it doesn’t yet know is dead.

Isobel H (Year 9)

Revenge is Sweet

This was the end. I had just blown up the last building in the city. Pieces of debris flew through the air, striking my side and tearing up my skin like a piece of paper. This will punish the racist police officers who murdered my family, who snatched everything from my life. Struck down, I laid like a ragdoll in the middle of the street, the blazing fire licking my face with its torrid tongue. My mouth parched from the heat, thick blood oozing from the swollen gash on my side. At last, I would be reunited with my family.

Olivia T-P (Year 7)

Just Three Drops

Ten years of my life and it has all led to this. All of my excruciating and immense pain will be avenged tonight. Ten years of planning and plotting all comes down to now, my five minute strike. The revenge I have always dreamed of. Just three drops and he will feel a fragment of the suffering, all of that anguish I have come to know. He will pay for killing her, my mother. Getting behind that wheel will be, in his mind, an ache of the past. Those last two drinks will become a cold and distant nightmare.

Sophie B (Year 8)

Don’t Underestimate the Jacksons

“You won’t win.”

His shield dripped with blood and his forehead beaded with sweat.

“Oh honey, I already have.”

With a flick of her hand, Arabella Jackson manipulated the winds, causing the Captain’s head to fully twist off his neck. Blood dripped from his decapitated neck. Eyes wild with insanity, the young girl threw the head into a small box. Once it was sealed, she messily wrote: ‘Mr Stark, Stark Tower. You’re next!’

Sophie W (Year 9)

Unhappy Ever After

I didn’t want to be the villain. I had to though if the princess’ life was at stake. I tied up my hair and my shoes and began to scale the moss-covered mansion. I saw her in the window but then… I saw him. We raced up the house whilst glancing at each other.

“Eyes on the prize,” I said.

But then, because of my luck, I fell. My body fell through the air. He’d won again. I had no choice, but to enact immediate … revenge.

Sydney M (Year 8)

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