Stars of the Week 04/02/2022

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Faith K11KSM
She has had perfect attendance so far at the year 11 tutoring and before the sessions start each week and she told me that she had applied for an apprenticeship week in Manchester over the October half term.

This apprenticeship week was with the big building companies in Manchester as she wants to be a project manager.

She applied herself to get the pace and travelled everyday to Manchester.

On the course she was expected to do all sorts of activities – making plans, explaining drawings, giving presentations to the other students and filming a youtube .
At the end of the week you actually got a design award and a £20 voucher.

When I spoke to her this week, it was quite obvious that she hadn’t shared any of this information.
Connor B12NLLConnor B & Caitlyn L nominated by EDO for excellent work in their work experience project
Caitlyn L12RCL“”
Connor B12RCLMs Tatham would like to nominate Connor B, Alex C, Boe K, James M, Maisie W, Jemima W and Ruby W for their outstanding engagement in their work experience project.
Alex C12AME“”
Boe K12NTU“”
James M12RPA“”
Maisie W12SRA“”
Jemima W12AME“”
Ella P11MMAJust wanted to pass on some comments from the after school tutors about Ella this week.

Apparently in both sessions she has massively outperformed what the tutors had expected of her.

She was motivated, persevered when it was difficult and generally had a very impressive attitude. For one of the sessions she was actually on her own with two tutors, so she would have been really pushed.
Izzy J11MMAThis may seem somewhat trivial, but I just wanted to pass on some nice news regarding some of the lovely behaviour displayed by our students. Izzy J and Amy H passed me on the corridor last night whilst they were waiting to start their after-school tuition, I was struggling with a massive armful of exercise book. They both stopped what they were doing, and of their own volition, insisted on taking them off me and walking me to my destination.
Amy H11MMA“”