Year 11 Assessment Revision Support Workshops

Dean Lockley | |

Last week Year 11 students started the New Year working in small groups to take advantage of the expertise of members of our teaching staff in a morning of Revision Workshops. Students were divided into 14 groups and had the chance to work with two lead teachers of each group to explore revision strategies and create a bespoke revision timetable that works for them. The two-hour workshop was divided into the following areas.

  • Being a Success
  • Resources for Success
  • Planning for Success
  • Success and Mental Health

The students had the opportunity to hear a motivational workshop about having ‘A positive growth mindset’ and how this can influence success at this crucial time in their school careers. The assembly was led by Dr Ravetz (School Progress & Pastoral Leader). While the final part of the workshop focused on Mental Health.

Students also received two booklets containing resources to help them in the coming months.

  • The Assessment Preparation Support Booklet
  • Year 11 Revision Resources

The presentations and the resource booklets can be found within the files in the ‘Year 11 GCSE Support’ team on Teams.

Students found the workshop a positive experience and felt that the information provided will be useful to support their learning and mental health during the rest of the year. We are proud of the way our students conducted themselves and in the way they prepared resources to support their revision for their upcoming assessments. 

Well done Year 11.