Year 12 Work Experience Week with NHS and Sony

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At the end of last term our Year 12 Students completed their work experience week, working together on real business projects. We would like to thank our students for their professionalism and hard work during the week and also our staff for their energy and enthusiasm in the support of the programme. A huge thank you also goes to the businesses who gave up their time to join us either in school or remotely to facilitate the work related experiences.

The projects that students were working on were:

Employer  Project 
NHS Plan improvements to a hospital to improve dementia support 
Altimex Design and pitch a new electrical device to help people 
Sony Gaming Identify a gap in the gaming market and design and pitch a new game 
Minerva Arts Market a youth theatre to primary schools that meets their curriculum needs 
Lane End Construction Produce a plan of 30 houses on a Helsby site which maximises revenue but minimises the impact on the environment 
Marketing Cheshire Develop a marketing campaign to attract families with teenagers to Chester and Cheshire 
Community Windpower Choose the best site from 10 options in Scotland to build a new windfarm. Taking into account financial constraints and the effect on the local environment 

Our Year 12 students listened and engaged excellently with the material, developing a range of productive ideas and appropriately addressing the issues raised by their link business. These proposals were presented excellently with a professional clarity of which would be appropriate of those in full time work, demonstrating their employability and that they have the skills to ready them for their future career paths. We know that real world experience and working with actual businesses provides students with the best insight into how companies operate and allows them to see first hand the potential sectors they could be involved with in the future.

Sixth form Students looking at computer for Powerpoint on Business

Feedback from Sony:

“We were blown away by the quality of their work, the amount of thought, effort and polish on show from your students was breathtaking!”
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Feedback from our Year 12 Students:

“We really enjoyed the Dementia project with the NHS as it has helped us to see real projects within the NHS and the budget constraints that they face. We learnt how to research and cost a Dementia friendly ward and present our findings as a team. It was a great experience.”
GW and SW

“Marketing Cheshire helped me to think about my future career path. I worked on the budgeting section of the project and used Excel for my costings. I really enjoyed this and now want to pursue an apprenticeship in Business Finance.”

“The Community Windpower work experience opened my eyes to the career paths that I hadn’t previously considered. I enjoyed learning about windfarms and applying my geography, but most of all working with people that I don’t usually work with and presenting our best windfarm location.”

“The Community Windpower work experience allowed me to understand the challenges of a real project such as setting up a windfarm and team working in a professional environment.”

“I enjoyed the Sony work experience –  working as team and developing new gaming ideas. Doing the presentation pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

“I thought the Sony work experience project was helpful in improving my presentation skills and managing to get a real task done to a tight deadline.”


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