Stars of the Week – Beautiful Card Design

Dean Lockley | |

Well done to our Stars of the Week! Headteacher Mr Hill rewarded students with croissants and a bonus break time for their beautiful festive card designs. A collage of the cards is proudly displayed at our reception and will be posted online for our end of year celebrations!

           1Olivia T-P8LHAMHLFestive card design
            2Jack R8KSH
            3Evie-Louise J8NKA
            4Emily H8EDA
            5Kate A8NKA
            6Lilly W8NNE
            7Amy D8KSH
            8Amelia P8KOW
            9Charlotte R8LHA
          10Flynn F8NNE
          11Hadi N8LHA
          12Phoebe B8KOW