Weaver Words Poetry Competition Winners

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In early 2020, students from across the high school were invited to enter a poetry writing competition in conjunction with Weaver Words & The Frodsham Literature Festival. The topic of the festival was ‘The Edgelands’:

You can find them on the edges of towns and cities. They are often forgotten places, both literally and in the heart and mind. They are the places of possibility, of hopes and wonderful extremes, but also places of reflection, loss and broken dreams.

The competition was put on hold due to the pandemic, but was recently revived. The poems were judged by local writer Tim Firth and on the 16th of November, the winning students received prizes and listened to a talk from Tim Firth on writing, crafting ideas and not being fearful of the empty page. 

Well done to the students that won prizes, but also to all the students that took part in the competition and entered a poem.  

Jessica P (Year 10) won first prize and a £30 book token for her poem The Land Inbetween. Read it here.

Amelie J (Year 10) was awarded the runner-up prize of a £20 book token. Read it here.

Highly commended other poems were awarded a £10 book token include: 

  • Ivy W
  • Sonny S
  • Dylan D
  • Macie L
  • Finley J
  • Alex C
  • Christa B
  • Ellie U
  • Darcy D
  • Lilly B
2021 Weaver Words Writing Competition Winners
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