Stars of the Week

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Jessica P

Archers who would represent Team England  at upcoming Junior National Indoor Home Nation Championships on December 4th 2021 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

Dylan D

Dylan can recall 102 digits of Pi which was set as a half-term enrichment activity.

Aran D

The reason for school is his beautiful rendition of the last post and representing the school in a fantastic way. Also he should be congratulated for representing himself and the community..

Olivia L

Olivia is a Youth Ambassador for the Transform Our World Youth Summit, which is running as part of COP 26. Olivia was chosen to be 1 of 20 young people across the UK speaking at this global event.  Yesterday, she took part in a 1.5-hour event, asking important questions to key speakers at the conference, from educational leaders, business CEO’s, politicians amongst others. She was also able to listen to the other young people involved in the conference and respond to their comments too.  She asked some insightful questions relating to how we teach some of these ‘big world issues’ in our schools in the future, and I am very proud of her! What an amazing opportunity.

Ruby C

Ruby has recently been acting as a mentor to a student in year 7.  She’s currently giving up some of her free time before school to meet with the other student and put their mind at rest for the day ahead, often escorting her to registration before going to her own class.  Ruby’s work with this student is having a considerable positive impact and it would be lovely if her kindness could be recognised and rewarded.