Helsby Sixth Form – A new team of Head Students

A Morfett | |

Helsby Sixth Form has a new team of Head Students for the forthcoming academic year and the six students have already begun their duties, which include representing the Sixth Form both within the school and out in the wider community.

Students submitted written applications for the role, these were shortlisted and then some interviews took place. There was a very strong field this year which made the task rather challenging.

Director of Sixth Form at Helsby High, Kirsty Lindpop added “We are all really looking forward to working with such a talented and enthusiastic team of Head Students. The team are an exceptional group of ambassadors, both for The Sixth Form and for the wider school. They are fortunate to be leading a dedicated wider leadership group of Year 13 students who are taking up roles to support students across the school the in crucial areas such as Mental Health and Charity work. We are proud that our students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as being to achieve outstanding academic results in Helsby Sixth Form and I know that they will be working hard to support and inspire students throughout the school and in the wider community over the coming months.”

In addition to the Head Students we have a team of Senior Ambassadors and Departmental Ambassadors who are attached to specific departments.