Sixth Form Careers Week July 2021

A Morfett | |

During the last 3 days of the summer term, our Y12 students worked together on extra-curricular activities to enhance their employability and resilience. They spent 3 days working with NCS (National Citizen Service) focusing on teambuilding, public speaking, first aid, mental health awareness and future options.

The first day focused on teambuilding. At the end of a challenging year it was fabulous to see our young people enjoying competitive, outdoor activities and supporting each other to challenge other teams.

The second day objective was to develop resilience. Students discussed some of the challenges faced in lockdown, coping strategies and all students achieved their first aid certificate.

On the last day, students thought about future options and discussed the fear of working outside their comfort zone. They completed a public speaking workshop with ‘Loudspeaker’ which gave them strategies to present with more confidence.

Thanks must go to the NCS for this fabulous package of activities but mostly to our remarkable young people, both those at school and working from home due to self-isolation, who approached the tasks with enthusiasm and maturity.