Certificate in Financial Studies: Year 12s Smash their External Exams!

M Dowler | |

24 of our current Year 12 students are studying a Certificate in Financial Studies run by the London School of Banking and Finance in their own time in addition to their A level and Vocational subjects. The course is equivalent to half an A level. They have just received their Unit 1 grades for the external exams that they chose to sit this January. They achieved a 100% pass rate and 2/3s of the class an A*, A or B. This year group was unable to sit their GCSEs due to COVID19 and had to prepare for this exam during lockdown. These fantastic results are another example of the resilience and determination that our Helsby High School students continue to display. Here are some comments from the class:

“I’m really pleased with the grade I got in this subject as this will help me build UCAS points for my Uni applications in the future, but also help me in my career path of business and economics. I really enjoyed this course and it is really useful as you are able to understand different financing methods, which is not only good for business knowledge but also for the future, and you receive an extra half A-Level whilst doing so.” Sam Year 12

“I have found the CEFS course useful as it helps me gain an understanding of personal finance which I don’t usually get to lean about in core subjects. I am also able to understand types of insurance and how they benefit me. I am pleased with my grade from my cefs exam as it shows that I have a good understanding of short, medium and long term finance. “ Harry Year 12

“I found this course very engaging as I learnt about everyday banking and the economy that would benefit me later in life. It went really well with my other subjects, especially BTEC Business as some topics overlapped. I am very pleased with my grade and happy I took this course in addition to my A level and vocational subjects!” Paige Year 12