Inspirational workshop for Helsby High linguists

Andy Morfett | |

On Wednesday, we welcomed Professor Anna Saunders and two MFL undergraduates from the University of Liverpool. They delivered a really inspiring workshop to Y10 and Y11 linguists about the importance of being bilingual in the 21st century and how fluency in a second language leads to many exciting opportunities, in terms of careers, travel and culture.

Professor Saunders also gave the students a five-minute taster of a cultural module where she explained and showed us images of how memorials to the holocaust have evolved in Germany and how they are designed to really help people to reflect and to remember.

The undergraduates shared their experiences of studying a MFL alongside Business Studies and as a pure MFL degree and they talked about the unique experience of spending the third year of a MFL degree living abroad. We are grateful for and excited about this new link that we have made with the University of Liverpool.