Helsby receives the Kitemark for an “Autism Inclusive School”

Andy Morfett | |

Helsby High is proud to be recognised as an Autism Inclusive School. This demonstrates Helsby’s continued commitment to understanding autism and setting the standard for autism practice. We were awarded this based on fulfilling criteria set out by Cheshire West and Chester’s Education Autism Service and completing their Autism Service Social Communication Programme. This programme included embedding regular good practice into all aspects of the school and was monitored and evaluated by the Autism Service.

We implement many strategies school wide so all our pupils with autism feel safe and in the most comfortable learning environment possible. All lessons adhere to the following 5 ASC-friendly strategies to help us achieve this:

  1. If expecting pupils to get into their own groups, each teacher will have a strategy for any students who could potentially be “left out”.
  2. Visual cues are present in each classroom for getting resources out and packing them away.
  3. Pupils who may struggle are not put on the spot when being asked to contribute during a lesson.
  4. The learning environment is tidy and organised.
  5. The routine at the beginning of a lesson is made clear.

We are very proud to have received this Kitemark and strive to constantly evaluate and improve our practice so that all learners can have the very best experience.