School Recognised for GCSE Performance

Andy Morfett | |

This month the school has received not one, but two accolades for the GCSE results of the Summer 2018 Year 11 cohort. First up was an ‘Educational Outcomes’ award from the Schools, Students and Teachers (SSAT) Network, England’s largest and longest standing network of secondary schools, recognising the fact that the school’s 2018 GCSE results were in the top 20% of non-selective schools nationally for attainment. Following on from that was a letter from Nick Gibb, Schools’ Minister, congratulating the school on the fact that 85% of last year’s Year 11 cohort were entered for a GCSE in Modern Foreign Languages, placing the school in the top 10% of schools in this regard. Please see below to read the full letter.

Mr Hill, Headteacher added: “Once again this is an opportunity to congratulate the school’s Summer 2018 cohort of Year 11 students for the success that they achieved, as well as thanking the teachers, staff, Governors, parents and wider families who supported them so effectively. We already knew how well they had done, but it is still nice to see their achievements recognised nationally, both in terms of the results they achieved and also the curriculum they followed. Hopefully their grades and the subjects they achieved them in will have enabled them to successfully move on to the next stage of their lives since last September.

“Following on from last year’s positive Ofsted report, the largest-ever number of Year 7 students joining the school this September and a recent SSAT award for the school recognising its ‘Climate for Learning’, these accolades highlight the strength and success of the school over the last 12 months and I am delighted to see the hard work of students and staff given the recognition it deserves.”