The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Bronze Award Presentation

Andy Morfett | |

Forty Year 11 students from Helsby High School recently achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. A number of these students attended a Presentation Evening at Bishop’s Bluecoat School in Chester where they received their certificates and badges.

Year 11 student Jaiden who was one of the participants writes about his experience and what he gained from completing the award.

I really enjoyed completing my DofeE Bronze Award and achieved a lot from it. I did football with my football team, Frodsham JFC as my physical activity, where I improved my fitness and playing technique. As my volunteering I helped out with the 4th Frodsham Beavers and this helped me to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. As my skill I went to a local Indian restaurant and had a few cooking lessons, I then proceeded to cook at home for family and friends. On the expedition I enjoyed putting the skills we had learnt, such as map reading into practice in a real life situation. I also enjoyed experiencing the entirety of the expedition with my friends and developing my relationships further as we had to work very well as a team. I would recommend this experience to other people as it gave me self-confidence and a number of different life skills along with having fun!