Year 12 Students visit World Leading Manufacturer JCB

A Morfett | |

Named after the founder Joseph Cyril Bamford. They are Market Leaders, Innovators, Family Business, Kanban experts, Investors in Education for Engineers and Business Students!

This week, students in Helsby High School Year 12 Business and Engineering visited the JCB manufacturing plant in Uttoxeter. The story of JCB is one of innovation, ambition and sheer hard work and these are the exact attributes that will help A Level Business and Engineering students achieve and succeed in their chosen fields!

During the visit students learnt about the advantages to business of still being a Private Limited Company, the innovations and developments over the year, and the changes in corporate strategy. They toured the factory and saw first hand the personalised flow production used by JCB and the lean production methods that help them to maintain their leadership position.

Well done to all students that took part in the educational tour and witnessed the manufacturing of a business that has over 50% market share in a world-wide market! Such is JCB’s competitive advantage that they have even managed to persuade President Trump to use JCB in his military instead of USA rival Caterpillar!!