Helsby High celebrates Harry Potter Book Night!

Andy Morfett | |

On Thursday 7th February Helsby High’s Library joined in with international celebrations of Harry Potter Book Night. Over 25 students bought tickets for the event, raising money for JK Rowling’s charity ‘Lumos’, which supports children in less fortunate situations around the world.

The evening began with students sorting themselves into houses, followed by house chants, riddles to solve, a treasure hunt, care of magical creatures, pin the scar on Harry, a Tri-Wizard tournament and a quiz.

Students’ costumes showed their commitment to their houses with a fantastic display of wizarding wear. A very creative Dark Lord also made a spooky appearance, along with Newt Scamander and some magical creatures.

All houses won prizes, with Ravenclaw demonstrating their wit and wisdom to win the coveted House Cup.

It was a great evening of magic for all involved!