Cast Review – Into the Woods

Andy Morfett | |

Helsby High School really did go ‘Into the Woods’ in spectacular style. Thank you to everyone who came to see our challenging but thoroughly entertaining show.

The show was cast back in July of this year and students were busy putting their costumes together over the summer holidays. On our return in September we realised what a vastly challenging play we had chosen to do, but we were excited about the prospect of succeeding in creating this production.

We ran extra auditions in September for the new year 7’s and 7 of them were successful in gaining a place on the cast. We were really pleased with this play as there were lots of main parts to go around and actors as young as year 8 (Matty B) and 9 (Frankie F) were securing the lead roles. This meant that the play felt really inclusive and we were making new friends from different year groups and improving our acting, singing and musical skills in the process.

The show has complicated with dissonant music that really evokes the spooky atmosphere of a wood at night time. The show band handled the music brilliantly, we know it was a challenge and they really succeeded. Singing to the music was also challenging but with the help of Mrs Healey and other talented singers such as our Witch Catrin J in year 12, we felt more and more confident at every rehearsal. Matty B yr 13, El R yr 11 and Lexi G yr 13 were our other stars and their performances were excellent.
We really enjoyed the playfulness of the direction from Mrs Cross and Mrs Knox, the giant’s wife was Maddie from year 7 but she had huge elastic arms and over-sized foam hands with red nails that reached into the audience (thanks to Peter, Vicky and Yvette for the hands). It was a fun scene to do and made the audience laugh. However, mistakes did happen and on the last night, Ellie from year 7 who was watching the show after doing the make-up, had to run on and be one of the giants arms as the actor who was supposed to be doing it had been caught up back stage! Thanks Ellie, you saved the day!

The most creative and funny part of the show in our opinion was Jim E from yr 12 as he stole the show with his puppetry of the cow Milky White. He also played one of the princes who along with Lauren R yr 13 created brilliant characters.

We will always remember Jim jumping up and saying “I am the prince and I am blind” and then lying down again to say “I am the cow and I am dead”.
Thanks to everyone who came to see us perform and thanks to all the teachers who made this play possible.

Written by the cast of Into The Woods.