Engineering Your Future: Helsby High School Students wow CAL International and Airbus Staff

A Morfett | |

Year 12 Engineering students attended an Engineering Your Future Event last week. The day was split into 5 workshop sessions, each session lasting between 40-60 minutes, which were designed to be practical, interactive and to also provide an insight into life as a professional Engineer or Technician. The workshops provided a clear understanding of areas such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical/Electronic, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering. The workshops also included a ‘market place’ where students could walk around and look at the various different ‘stalls’ on offer, all set up by a range of companies offering apprenticeships, such as; Morrison’s, Jaguar Land Rover and Heat Trace.

The students learnt about the different areas & aspects of engineering from the companies and organisations involved, along with the market place session which also offered more information on ‘Routes into Engineering’ and an opportunity to speak with Engineers in a more informal setting.

The final workshop was delivered by a very broad group of Engineers, from a company called CAL International, a ‘concept to production Engineering company’, based in Merseyside and Poland. The students were given engineering drawings of an existing product (which they had not yet seen) and were asked to list specific materials that would be suitable for each part of the product (it was a pulley for a small mast on an unmanned submarine), along with full justifications of their choices. The detail, understanding and knowledge that was shown by our students was exemplary.


The engineer from CAL said that their work was by far the best he had seen all day, by a long way. Helsby High School students were presented with prizes, each prize worth £70, which included a digital Vernier calliper, a steel rule, pen and note pad.

As well as impressing CAL International, Airbus engineers commented “Your students are so polite, interested and asked excellent questions”.

Well done to Helsby High School Young Engineers!