Former Sixth Form student returns to the Politics department

A Morfett | |

On Thursday 13th September the Politics department was delighted to welcome former Helsby Sixth Form student Kate Lancaster back to school, to give exclusive insight to the workings of Congress in the USA. Having worked under a Republican Congressman – and being housed in Washington DC for the three-month internship – Kate had developed a clear understanding of the role of representatives, and began to engage our students in discussions surrounding the tasking and intricate environment of handling disgruntled constituents. The talk was particularly interesting for those students looking to continue their study of Politics at university, as Kate explained how beneficial studying Politics at York University had been for her – with her joining a Liberal-Democrat newspaper and, of course, gaining an internship in the Senate.

Several questions were asked regarding her experience as a university student and her internship for Congress, with the general consensus being that she thoroughly enjoyed it. Overall, Kate was an inspiring character who brought a sense of realism and engagement to our study of US politics and, moreover, showed how Helsby students can succeed in such areas.