A-level Biology Anglesey Field Trip 2018

Andy Morfett | |

At the end of this year our Biology class went on the annual trip to Anglesey, which was brilliant! The purpose of the visit was to practise using data collection techniques and analysing statistics, as well as learning in a totally different environment to school.






We stayed in the Tyn-Y-Felin Residential Centre, which was a short walk from Silver Bay, a beach where we spent quite a lot of time, collecting data on limpets and dog whelks as well as looking for toads to race at night-time!

The days were split between short lessons in the classroom, collecting data from the beaches, and relaxing – we were lucky enough to have brilliant weather for the whole trip which made it even better. We would definitely recommend the trip to anyone studying Biology!

The organisms we studied were limpets, dog whelks, barnacles, different species of seaweed, as well as all the creatures we saw and read about in the sea zoo.

The trip was very useful, we learned lots of analytical methods to interpret data and how to present and use statistics, all skills needed for the A-level course, and we are continuing to work on these back in school. We found the chance to take some of our study outside a brilliant opportunity and such a change from working in school.

Eleanor J & Niamh W