PCSOs Open Base in Helsby High School

Mr S Ford | |


Helsby High School are proud to announce that Frodsham PCSO Neil Flanagan and Helsby PCSO John Kopczyk have now opened a community base in Helsby High School. We have a strong working relationship with both of our local PCSOs, who have completed many student drop in’s, presented at assemblies and taken part in many of our community events over the past number of years.

Neil and John will be available at Helsby High School on the following dates, as part of their school drop in sessions for the summer term:

• Wednesday 18th April (1.20 – 2pm)
• Tuesday 24th April (1.20 – 2pm)
• Wednesday 2nd May (1.20 – 2pm)
• Wednesday 9th May (12.20 – 1pm)
• Tuesday 22nd May (12.20 – 1pm)
• Tuesday 5th June (12.20 – 1pm)
• Wednesday 13th June (12.20 – 1pm)
• Tuesday 19th June (12.20 – 1pm)
• Wednesday 27th June (12.20 – 1pm)
• Tuesday 3d July (1.20 – 2pm)
• Wednesday 11th July (1.20 – 2pm)
• Tuesday 17th July (1.20 – 2pm)

At this point the drop in is just for students and staff at Helsby High School, but we will be opening the drop in’s to the wider Helsby and Frodsham community in the near future.