No Child’s Play Exhibition

Mr S Ford | |

On Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 March, Helsby High School had the privilege of hosting the Holocaust Exhibition ‘No Child’s Play’. The travelling exhibition is aimed at students from Year 7 onwards and focuses on the importance to Jewish children of toys and games during a period when their family lives were disintegrating due to Nazi persecution. There were no harrowing pictures but rather an examination of what can be important to people at difficult times and what can bring comfort.


Russell Bowles, the UK Coordinator from ICEJ Holocaust Education Resources said ‘The Holocaust was a time of unprecedented evil in the twentieth century when millions of men, women and children were murdered in a calculated and mechanised way in an attempt to rid the world of their race and religion. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in conjunction with Yad Vashem, the world’s foremost centre for Holocaust research, in Jerusalem, promotes travelling exhibitions about various aspects of the Holocaust, in this case children, in an effort to educate the next generation about what went on in Europe during the Nazi period. One and a half million children were murdered by the Nazis. Others who survived, lost their families and became orphans. If we forget what happened it is all the more possible that anti-Semitism will rise again in our time and we must do all we can to prevent such a thing happening.’


During the two days over 200 students from History, Religious Education and Psychology visited the exhibition to view the displays – the exhibition was also open to the wider Helsby and Frodsham community to visit in the afternoon. Students who visited the exhibition will use the information gathered to help in their studies of conflict and war.

On behalf of Helsby High School I would like to thank Russell Bowles and the ICEJ/Yad Vashem for allowing our school to host this very interesting and thought-provoking exhibition.

Mr Cooney
Assistant Headteacher