The Little Match Girl: Theatre Trip Review

Mr S Ford | |

On Wednesday 14th March 50 Year 7 students went to The Liverpool Playhouse Theatre to see ‘The Little Match Girl (and Other Happier Tales)’. When we arrived at the theatre we saw an amazing 3D display made by the theatre and local primary schools. Is was a collection of cardboard houses and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and really set the atmosphere for an evening of fairy tale magic.
We had amazing seats right in front of the stage to watch the performance. The Little Match Girl was a puppet and her puppeteer was so skilful, she really looked like a little girl. The staging was really interesting and creative and a very talented ensemble band played live music on stage. There was something in the performance for everyone to enjoy; music, comedy, action, adventure, romance, danger and drama. We loved it! Our favourite tale was The Princess and the Pea; it was a new story we’d never heard before. The funniest moment was when The Emperor showed the audience his new clothes! There was a lot of laughter from the whole audience!
Overall it was a great trip and we can’t wait to visit the theatre again to see another new and exciting performance. Thank you Mrs Cummins, Ms McGuirk and Mrs Marvin for taking us to see it!

Mallory McB & Lily N