German Exchange

Andy Morfett | |

Es lebe der Austausch!

Wilkommen in Helsby , Helmholtz-Gymnasium!

On Friday 2nd March Helsby High School welcomed thirteen German students from the Helmholtz-Gymnasium high school in Hilden, who were visiting as part of the German exchange programme. These students, aged 13-16 years old, stayed with their host families for one week, and spent days in school, participating in lessons, as well as visiting the cities of Liverpool and Chester. The exchange was a huge success, and the German students thoroughly enjoyed their time with their host families and at Helsby High School. The experience has been an invaluable way for all students involved to practice and improve their language skills, discover the different cultures and ways of life in Britain and Germany, and to build long-lasting international friendships. We would like to say a huge thank you to all students and families involved, and Auf Wiedersehen Freunde, Bis gleich!